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Welcome to the world of Pokemon!12030964_loLdsENHNSga8El.png

What is Pokeau?
Pokeau is simply an abbreviation of Pokemon AU that I've gone to consistently call this world by! This world in question is my current ongoing headworld story and a derivative of the game-verse Pokemon universe, where I decided it was my city and set canon on fire (except for the parts I liked). I shoved my OCs in there and now it's kind of a mess but I love it anyways.

Pokeau is contained mostly within my own head, but this folder serves as both a hub and archive for others who'd like to know more about it!

"Per aspera ad astra!"

Small pixels used are from the Pokemon mainseries games, provided by serebii.net
This folder's BG is from the Pokemon DS mainseries games (c) Gamefreak
Character profile backgrounds are all from Unsplash

Lore? You want lore??? ingredience6863624_2NpF9XNQzVbnqxr.gif

keystone.pngThe Main stuffkeystone.png
General explanation and links to other important stuff.

More in-depth info on legendaries, because it's such a mess it deserves it's own section.

*crazy frog voice* w-w-w-w-whats going on? on?

smallbouquet.pngBackground characterssmallbouquet.png
Not uploaded but not forgotten.

All lore related stuff on TH is here.

Pokeau spans upon all the main series game regions (except kanto cuz johto is cooler :p), with each character generally being most active in their own region. Each region has their own 'arc', and the region's storylines intersect with eachother frequently. Basically. It's a mess sorry

The timeline doesn't line up with the 'canon' pokemon timeline, and it's more like

Sinnoh v1 > Hoenn > Hoenn part two rayquaza edition > Sinnoh v2 > Unova v1 > Unova v2 > Kalos > Alola/Johto

Characters by region:

A region where the new and old world come together, and where change is inevitable.
A region where things aren't quite as they seem, and where the truth seems to get lost in it's endless cities.
A region where bonds are stronger than steel, and togetherness is invaluable. Connected strongly with Sinnoh.
A region to find new friendships in odd places, and a place to finally grow up. Connected with Hoenn.
A region where you should keep your will strong, no matter what hardships you face. Connected strongly with Hoenn.
A region where nothing makes sense. I've barely developed Kalos sorry gen 6 people :pensive:
beastball.pngUltra space:
A �­�­�­�­�­ where everything is different.
A region yet to come.
come back uhh. later