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aaAA can i offer for these two characters ?? http://toyhou.se/955287.unnamed and http://toyhou.se/955284.unnamed- //i really love them aaA but if you don't want to that's ok !!

sURE!! im mainly looking for other characters ^^

you can have anything in my uft and tertiary folders if you like em ? and i can make new designs for you if you like :o

small notice- sorry for the mess!! im currently sorting out all of my characters. feel free to offer!!

and award for cutest user icon goes toooooooooooooo *drum roll* zomboii! just wanted to harass you a bit bc i thought your icon was cute af <3 have a great day!

ahhhh hhh thank you!! i wish the icon was made by me ahha, but it was made by my talented freind whos deviantart you can find here!- http://retukka.deviantart.com/

thank you for your kind words ^^

hi!! im super sorry if it seemed like i blocked you!? i didnt,, i just had quiet mode on but didnt know it [idk how to use th] im sorry!! aaaa ; v ;

I completely understand!! ^^ I just panicked a little bc i thought i offended you in some way aha?? i felt real bad ahhh

You had no bad intentions, so you have nothing to apologize about. But thank you for being so kind!! =)

aaAA omgosh same :'O i felt rlly bad bc i thought u were maybe mad at me?? i was wOAHAHO lets fix this ahaha :'O iM SORRRYYYYYYY and gosh np !!! ;;O;; sobb


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