You might have seen this around ! It can come off handy in case of emergency ! If you are interested in some of my characters, you can ask to be put under a pinglist, and if the character every goes up for sell or trade, you'll have first dibs and be notified ! (if you are wondering, said list will stay private) 

THAT DOES NOT MEAN ANY OF THE CHARACTERS ARE UFT ! It's in case they ever go up ;v; and also to see who gets interest 

I can tell you their worth/prices if you want too ! Though their worth will most likely increase as I do get my mains arts quite a lot !

You can either comment or pm ! 


In the off chance you ever decide to part with him, I would love to be notified for 

We will definitely notify you if we ever part with him !


Yeah our beros we don't plan on ever parting with, but if we ever do, you'll be first to know about that baby ! ty for the interest !

Hai I doubt any of these girls will be UFO but that's okie!

I would like to be pinglisted for these,

Hi thank you for your interested ! You've been noted down ! indeed the last two will never go but Luna might ^w^ most likely for Aoibonn designs ! 

ohh! does any specific Aoibonn design interests you?

I love pretty much all of their designs ! R0hi0 boys (not the chibi ones tho) I would consider too 

I'd like to be pinger for her uwu

I am JUST noticing now I never replied to you, I'm super sorry but you've been added, thanks for the interest !

please ping me for any trades! or just all of it if i can't ask for anything specific...

I dont understand ;; you literally wanna know about any babe in my main acc ? You're allowed to offer on my secondaries right now if you would like. If you would like to be pinged for others, please link them as I keep a different list for every character !

sorry, i kinda made this comment before i read and looked around! please ignore me ;;

AAh ;; it's okay, though you are always welcome to let me know if something interest you ! What did you think it was ? I'm genuinely curious ! 

in trades and second? luna!! and meribel like a general compliment to these characters? Angel, Ollie, Sasha!!, Kanae, like everyone in bero, blu, hp

Luna and Meribel you can currently offer on ! Thanks on your interest for the others, you've been noted down ! 

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I'm not wanting something specifically since she's not uft. But if you want to try to get her I will only take a swap or an official beromimi !

I’d love to be pinged for these ;v;! (if it’s possible to offer now what would you look at?)

Sure ! You've been noted down ! If anything, only a swap ! They are pretty darn unlikely to go unless you have one of my dream designs ;-;

Ahh sadly I don’t have any swaps to offer but thank you for adding me to the list!!

That's ok ! You're welcome ! Though two of these are co-own and overall all three are most likely never ever leaving me ;-; but if they ever do you'll know !

i would love to be pinged for them!!!! i know you're co-owning them so if it's impossible that's ok ;__; and if they're uft now i have this bluc i'd be willing to swap with! but if not i'd like to be added to the ping-list like i said!!

You'll be pinged ! Even if we are co-owning, I would not say impossible if someone offered us a BluC we loved even more but I'd say extremely unlikely, yeah ! I appreciate your interest ! 

I adore this BluC tbh xD I did offer on her, but to no avail ;w; unfortnuately we would not swap her for that one though ! 

hi i'm back again! i'd like to offer and/or for angel!

i'm also interested in your prince-no (music)!

Hi <3 I ADORE THESE TWO AND I WANT TO CRY !!! Angel, I'm not planning on parting with, no matter the offer, I know my best friend likes her and she will probably go to her if I ever part with her ;w; HOWEVER I would be more than happy to trade Music for them ! I would most likely accept both because I have another offer of one fullbody r0hi0 + a snowdrop that is really tempting me errtgrt I would not mind adding on someone/multiples from my trade acc beside Meribel though ! or possibly art to cover any price difference, though I'm not exactly sure how much Music is worth ! 

hi!! i'm so sorry but i went with another offer for persephone ;__; i can trade this bluc and venus if you're interested? if not i totally understand!

Hey there ! I still adore Venus but I wouldn't use this one ;w; Do you think I could open a thread with this babe to see if anyone comes up with something I'll use more ? >w< 

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for these babes please!! Aelita, Elisa, Astrale, Numea, Ruby, and Tsubasa
Thank u sm :'0

You've been added ! Thank you for your interest !

Updated list.

Aelita, Astrale, Berryl, Darcy, Numea, Ruby, Winry***, Mahiru, Tsubasa,

Ooh Elisa was taken off the list// I've got you noted down, thank you kindly for the interest ! 

I'd like to be considered for music and Azalea (I used to own her so I would love to try and get her back <3) and

Hello <3 you've been noted down ! None of these can be sold so they would all be trade ! I had no idea you used to own Aza <3<3 

By the way, I don't mind offers on Music as of right now so you're free to offer on her though she's really tentative ;w; (I declined the last kid you linked + a fullbody R0hi0 for her) but ye feel free to offer ! 

Ahhh I'd love to be pinged if you ever part with this dream baby ;♡; 

Omg it's such an honor that you like this child ;w; she's a custom so she has a special place in our hearts <3 As I said to Hoshi it's highly unlikely we ever part with her but if we do you will definitely be notified <3 I've marked you down ! 

-also that heart mouthed emoji did get me I love it- 

Hehe even if the chances are slim, i really appreciate the consideration ;////;
I'm pretty sure if you had to part with Flora for whatever reason id be able to throw in art to the resell offer too >v< But I know you two love her lots so no worries if you never part with her ♥

PS. hehe yes ive found it recently through a friend its such a cute emoji ahdjfk

Oooh My reply never sent ;w; damn internet being bad/ 

Thank you so much for the kind words, makes me super happy <3 Your kids are also so adorable, especially your beros and heartpuffs ;A;

Aaah I had no idea you loved so many of our babies ;////; as you know, these are most likely foreverhomed but I can give you a breakdown of their worths :

Aries is worth 160$ + ~30$ of art 

Emily was 60$ + art

Haiya is not sellable but worth about 120-130 !

Pauline is sellable for 55$ + art 

TBN is not sellable and is worth about 120$ 

Neil we got for free but if we ever part with him it'll probably be for trade as we do plan to get him lots of art <3 I'm super sorry you miss him ;w; you'll definitely be first to know if we part with him !

I'd like to know these kiddos go up:

But i hope you dont ever get in such a tight spot. x^x)/

Noted !! Thank you for the interest <3 Yeah those are probably never leaving us ;w; as a heads up :

Chester was traded for and can't be sold

Zora is currently worth about 200$ + art ! 

I'd love to be pinged for her pls <3

Don't worry, I know you're in love with her <3 I'm kinda open to swaps on her, would it be ok to contact you if there's ever a bluC I want up for voucher ? (75$) 

Yeah I kinda miss the bab quq 

Surely <3

You know who I'm interested in! ^ O ^

Yeah don't worry ! I don't even need to do a pinglist for her ;w;

Thank you for the interest <3 you have been noted down ! As of right now, Mahiru is worth 110$ + 60$ worth of art and Astrale is worth 75$ + 20$ worth of art ! if I ever part with them though it's likely that their value will increase !


I feel like these are really obvious so HAHA SOBS,,

interested in those /o/


Lmao yeah beside Flora I knew abt those lOL WELP

!! just dropping by--
i'm interested in these,,, if you ever let go > u >


I see u dropping by ewe <3 


also just calculated for the fun and altogether they are worth around 400$ and that's not including Milo or Nimei bc I don't know their worths (Nimei's worth quite a bit too though aHAH)

I will just choke on myself and diE

Duely noted <3