ground rules

Posted 10 months, 12 days ago by Beed

I can't believe I have to make this but within the past year people have gotten increasingly rude about this stuff so I'm just gonna... Throw this out here while I remember

-If you are coming into ownership of a design made by me, please make sure you read my ToS. By owning a character created by me, you are bound to the rules I have linked there (it's not that bad, just the usual stuff)!

-You cannot keep any information listed on the profile regarding personality, name, or trivia once they are transferred to you.
   please do not recover this information when i have deleted it from the profile.

-I do not do pinglists and I will not respond to queries about this.

-I am not obligated to trade, sell, or gift you characters. While the characters are still within my ownership, they are mine, and that does not entitle you to harass me over what I choose to do (or not do).

-CHANGE MY WATERMARK once the character is yours!


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