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Posted 2 months, 15 days ago by AndyArtworks

At the announcement of DeviantArt's DreamUp, I will be eventually phasing my work from the site. I can't bring myself to loose all of my art posted on there, but can't stand the thought of AI utilizing my hard work for their own purposes, and so will be sorting through and posting them on my Toyhouse.

I do not support AI "art." I know that it's a growing fad and everyone wants to cash in on it. I know I can not avoid it, but I will never support it.

How DA handled their launch of DreamUp was disorganized, unexpected, and unprecedented.

I was growing weary of DA for a year now, and even considered jumping ship with the launch of Eclipse, but this has honestly been those "final straw" moments, which is painful. DA was a dream to me when I was younger, The Site for aspiring artists. I posted my first art pieces on there, and stayed connected with friends when their other socials died out. It's my own 7+ year nostalgia and connection to the website that has kept me staying, and sadly, I have to force myself to look somewhere else.

I want my art career to grow. DA is not allowing me to grow without microtransactions, art theft, and petty updates working against me.

So, apologies for any spam in the future! Blessings, loves.

Yes, I am aware of the automatic Opt-Out option they have announced, but it will not be changing my mind. Their own TOS states that the Opt-Out option will not protect my art, and that is a vague TOS I will not brush off like nothing.


(image credit above: lairai's own DA post about leaving, and everyone's new TOS :) )


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