📝 Custom Bribes [info]

Posted 6 months, 10 days ago by SIeepyBear

  Occasionally, I may consider bribes for Custom Adoptables (i.e. a design created from a prompt specifically for you!).  

Examples of designs can be found in my dA gallery and designs tab on toyhouse!



Contact + General Info

At the moment of writing this, I do not have a flat price for customs, and do not intend to open them via commissions or slots unless I specifically make a post stating so. I may host custom design auctions in the future!

I can be DM'd on toyhouse at any time for custom inquiries, though please keep in mind I may not always be open or accept the offer. I may either:

 Not be interested in what is being offered
 Have a large queue
 Am dealing with chronic pain and need some rest
 Do not feel I could work with your prompt well (nothing personal! I just want to do your design ideas justice).

  When contacting me for a custom, please include both your idea/concept and what you are offering.
  Note: I work better with moodboards, so I will probably be more likely to accept a custom offer if you have a moodboard idea!


Preferences/Looking For

That being said, I am mainly interested in the following:
  Browbirds and Painted satyr (Closed species by Corrin)
  Kitkaloid designs (non-chibi)
  Mantibabs (closed species by Jawnpai) Tentative!
  Customs (mutuals or people I follow only, apologies!)
 Designs from here or here

I am very picky, so please do not take it personally if I do not accept!
Note: The higher/more valuable the offer is, the more I am willing to add to the custom. 


What I Can Draw

I will draw:
 Tentatively Feral/Anthro
  Closed species MYOS (with proof of the MYO slot + traits)
  Horror/gore/etc (to a degree)

I will not draw:
  Anything transphobic, homophobic, racist, or hateful
  Knock-off species


Hey I keep coming back to this post and thinking about the idea I have to get your help in designing the rest of this character's body: https://toyhou.se/12465412.-willow#38927393 

I also have more ideas for him and everything so I can give as much help as I can from the story I have cooking in my brain: D

You gave me a quote back in Feb and I feel more financially comfortable 😌 I dont have anything to offer besides USD but I thought for a long time about asking. At the time the price was about $350-$400 but I am more than ok if those prices have gone up through the year and your growth as an artist and social presence. 

Thank you for this opportunity and reply when you can. If you want me to send this as a dm let me know too, I just personally lose track of messages instead of comments! Happy new year! 

Hello! Happy new year! 🥳

Oh yes!! I remember your previous inquiry :D (commenting here is a-ok btw!)

I’d be more than happy to work on this design for you in the middle of the moth (this January). I have much more free time now (and my injury is much less hindering!).

I’d love to work with this character and the ideas you have for them!! *__* my favorite thing ever is seeing what people do with my designs 😭I thirst for the brainthoughts…

I’d still be willing to give this design a fresh new ref for $400! :3 Whenever you like, you can toss some ideas my way either here or on discord and I can give them a look-see!

Thanks for reaching out to me! ☺️

Hoorayyy I am glad you are healing! No deadline for this so if it is ever flaring up your health is more important. Just wanna have fun with it and work with you!
So excited had to start this year off strong!!

I will message on discord just us it’s easier for notifications and chatting back and forth on ideas :D

Thank you! Also I really appreciate that, I tend to need some rest days so the patience is something I’m very thankful for!

I hope the new year treats you kindly :D
Sure thing! I look forward to it o/