Cat’s Attempt At Being Organized

Posted 2 years, 25 days ago by HowlingCat

Currently working on: Katsu Sinnoh Team

Alright. I did not get what I want done during the summer because work was a thing for a bit so whoops. This is a update to this thread here with no set timeline because so I learned that’s a horrible idea.

[X] One final update of the Persona characters.

[] Work on Tales of Moon. (Might work on these guys after I update Persona group since there’s only three profiles I need to work and my TOV motivation is coming back.)

[] Work on Fallen Inferno (Currently on the back burner since I have to do some researching on some things.)

[] Work on Realm of Impar characters (Been working on them slowly. Currently I’m working on the plates and bouncing to work on smaller profiles. Honestly, been working on NPCs of this world in a doc to get me inspired)

[] Work on Bounded Worlds and Golden Chains.

[] Work on other characters and organize more??? (I got a couple of other characters that I can drop into their own worlds. I need to get around to doing that)

I’m taking it a bit slow when it comes to working on characters since my final year of college is here and I’m trying not to destroy my brain. If you want to see what character I’m working on, well you can more or less figure out what based on the note at the top!

Please wish me luck fsjdjbd


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