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For those of you who’d like to know a bit more about each species residing in Faeylon, here’s a bit about each one!  If you’re curious about each of the locations mentioned, you can find the world map in the discord at the current moment! I’ll be posting the map in the TH world later + a little about each of the locations!
Pom-Pom Kittens:  
Pom-Pom Kittens are kittens with “Pom poms” for tails! They can however have paint brush tufts, piñata tufts, and other tufts as well, but most tend to be creative in some way. They most often tend to be helpful, optimistic, &/or encouraging as well. Pom-Pom Kittens make their homes nearly anywhere, basically wherever their muse takes them!
There’s a Pom-Pom Kittens mascot, Naomi, who is always looking to lend a helping paw!

Kittykones: Kittykones are cats with Icecream tails! They can have many different flavors + toppings for their tails, and in the future we may implement different types of cones? 👀 They tend to live in colder climates such as The Arctic Tundra or Siberian Icecaps due to their thick fur and Icecream tails! They can however also live in Candy Canyon!
There’s a Kittykones mascot, Nilla, who may be timid at first but is hardworking and will warm up to you overtime!  
Corgicakes: Corgicakes are about as cute as they sound; Corgis with cakes for tails! There’s many different types of cakes + toppings they can have for tails. For the most part, these guys can live almost anywhere, but due to their fur they likely won’t live in super hot/harsh climates such as Magma Peaks, The Blistering Badlands, or The Sandy Dunes.
There’s a Corgicakes Mascot, Marble, who is patient and always willing to listen to others- but can be easily distracted!

Sanines: Sanines are saber-toothed canines! There are quite a few different types of sabers they can have. Sanines often tend to live in mountainous areas such as The Siberian Icecaps or near Magma Peak, though it’s not entirely uncommon for them to live in other climates either!
There’s a Sanines mascot, Momo, who is a huge jokester and goofball at heart that will gladly spend time with anyone!

Aquaticats: Aquaticats are fish-like feline friends! They can have fur or scales [or both even!], and traits of different aquatic creatures, like fish, axolotls, seals, sharks, and the like! They often live in the Nautune Sea and in Nautunia, but some may migrate to other areas as long as water is nearby!
Aquaticats has TWO mascots! Enki is a grumpy ol’ man who likely will come off as rude, but if you get to know him maybe he has a soft spot? Meanwhile Aubrey is the exact opposite and will gladly spend time with others, however she can be a bit hotheaded and stubborn at times!  

Flutterhoppers: Flutterhoppers are rabbits with wings on their wrists, legs, and backs! The wings on their backs can vary in size, the bigger they are the better they often are for gliding and flying! They are often known for their hopping and gliding about, and often live in Pastel Plains, Autumn Acres, The Whispering Grove, Tanglewood, or in Auroranimbus, the castle in the sky. Some may live in other climates, though! It’s not entirely uncommon for a Flutterhopper to move from place to place.  
There’s a Flutterhoppers mascot, Skye, who is always looking to meet new people. She enjoys exploring especially!
Cloud Critters + Celestial Cloud Critters: Cloud Critters can be any sort of animal or creature, as long as they have clouds as apart of their body or surrounding a part of their body! Celestial Cloud Critters are the same, except they always have stars+glitter & sometimes planets &/or moons orbiting them! They often live in Auroranimbus, but depending on the animal they’re based off of they may migrate to other areas!
We have a Mascot of Cloud Critters & Celestial Cloud Critters named Spectrum! Spectrum may come off as cynical and humorless at first, maybe even a bit cold, but they are actually quite calm and wise, and with enough time you may be able to gain his trust! [Note: Spectrum’s clouds & eyes change color & can be any color!]
Chocosaurs: Chocosaurs are dinosaurs made of chocolate! Some are hollow, some are solid, and some are melty, and they can be made of any type of chocolate! Chocosaurs tend to live in cooler climates, such as The Arctic Tundra or Siberian Icecaps, as living in warm climates like Magma Peaks, The Blistering Badlands, or The Sandy Dunes would melt them entirely! They may also live in Candy Canyon.
We have a NPC named Hallow who is an example of a Chocosaur! They’re a sneaky, boastful, & sarcastic prankster who speaks in riddles!
Owlters: Owlters are Otter/Owl mixes! They sometimes even have traits of other types of birds such as eagles & parrots! They often live in forests near water, such as The Whispering Grove or Tanglewood, which are near water. They can both swim and fly!  
There’s both an Owlter Mascot & Shop owner! The mascot, Syrup, is laidback and carefree but a little dense- yet she’s about as sweet as her name when she’s not being stubborn! The Shop owner Nova on the other hand is an introvert that is inventive, pragmatic, and dependable, but also shy and klutzy! You’ll definitely be seeing Nova a lot if you’re buying MYOs and redesign kits!
Felptiles: Felptiles are a mix of Snakes [and some also have traits from other reptiles like lizards and turtles] with Cats! Some are venomous, and others are not! They tend to live in warmer climates like the Blistering Badlands and the Sandy Dunes.
There’s a Felptiles mascot, Cirrus, who is outgoing and headstrong, but also brash, loud, and apathetic. Despite this, he seems like she’d make an interesting friend to have!  


Cowbells: Cowbells are cows with bells on their tails! The bells come in all sorts of different shapes and sounds, and their horns and hooves can also be different shapes and sizes! Cowbells often live in wide grassy areas that are plains or moors, like the Pastel Plains or Autumn Acres, but some may live in other areas!  
Cowbells has both a Mascot and a Shop owner! Blu, the mascot, is extroverted, charming, faithful, trustworthy, and adaptive, though a bit ambitious. Meanwhile Berri is Timid and an introvert, but is reliable and honest! You’ll be visiting Berri and her rat companion, Rocco, a lot if you’re buying accessories and companions for your characters!


Last but not least- 

Squirrel-ifieds: Squirrel-ifieds are flying-squirrels that are partially made of different liquids! Some are made of mud, or fresh water, while others may be made of milk, juices, sodas, liquors, soups, or even inedible things like lava or the ocean! Depending on the type of liquid a squirrel-ified is made of depends on where they often make their homes!  
There’s a Squirrel-ifieds mascot, Ember, who is a hoot to spend time with! She’s partially made of lava! She’s friendly, helpful goofy, & sarcastic, but may be stubborn and pessimistic from time to time. Regardless of this, he’s quite a lot of fun to be around!


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