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What do you want to see from me?

0 Votes Polished Designs
3 Votes 'Scribble' Designs
23 Votes Designs (Both?)
3 Votes Commissions
0 Votes Coding (can't guarantee this since I do it when I feel it but I'll try)
0 Votes Something else? [If you'd like to put it in the comments, that'd be great! I really appreciate the input!]

Hey there!! Gonna word this sorta like a newsletter partially because I just think newsletters are fun. Essentially, I graduated from college this winter and I've admittedly been knocked out for most of January getting sick / dealing with the holidays / just recovering my energy in general; college was definitely a long/tiring time for me but I'm itching to get back into more art related things, especially since I don't have college competing for my time!

I've got a few personal and more public projects on the backburner that I hope to actually work on and get done to some degree; I'm not entirely sure you guys would be interested in them but hopefully you might come to check them out if I do work up the energy to publish them! I've also got a lot of little designs/ideas I'll be chipping at as well. Since these don't require as much time/energy, I'll be more likely to get these out even if they aren't as requested, but hey! Who knows.

I'm also going to try and be more.. Loose with my art this year? Post more and work on sharing more instead of trying to perfect everything to the point of not being happy with things, if that makes sense. If I do succeed at that, you can check things out on my tumblr! I know that you all see my things I post here too eventually, but if that's something you'd like to see, check me out there too!

Anyways, mostly writing this to ask for feedback now that I've got some more time; can't guarantee my energy'll be here enough to go wild but I'll be doing my best! I've included a poll below, but what do you want to see from me? If you've got any feedback/or just want to answer more than one answer, please let me know in the comments! I really appreciate it! (And if you're unfamiliar with my art examples/commission prices/etc. You can check out my site for both! Quite a bit of it is outdated in my opinion which is what I'm hoping to work more on this year)

Additionally, I've also got a guy I'll be dropping sometime soon: 


And this more simple angelicat guy who I've been sitting on the fence about keeping or putting up for offers, and I might be doing the latter:


I couldn't help but scratch the design itch I had (it was bad enough that I did quite a lot of them on my phone, the angelic cat is 100% phone orz). Look out for them if you're interested!

Anyways, thanks so much for reading all or some of this, and happy (belated.) New Years (and lunar new year's!)!


WOOO congrats on graduating!! College man in here tonite  🎉🎉🎉

Also! I voted for commissions, but I have been wanting an Andrew Design for a long while >:)a either way, I'm happy with whatever ya do!


ASH thank you!! Also augh, that means a lot! Hope you're doing alright!

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Augh sorry for the late reply, but thank you Cheesy!! It's also so fun to see what you're up to as well! Unfortunately when I got a new phone a lot of the older designs are on a microsd but I'll probably get around to digging for them there >:^0 Thanks so much!!

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KENNY augh dude thank you, that means a ton!! Same goes for you, you're a joy to see in the inbox as well? :''^0

Oh heck! Congrats on graduating!!! I voted on commissions but I also would love to see designs from you! My preference is for creechers and anthros


Thank you so much, Elena!

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SALPHE.... WAH, thank you so much, you're too sweet!! :''^0 ditto for you, it's a joy seeing you around!

Designs, specifically humans or humanoids! I've always wanted an adopt from you even though money is kind of tight, and I personally have more use for humanoids in my oc stories

But even your non-humanoid designs are always super pretty to see, I love it all tbh


Augh, thank you, Tenn!! Definitely trying to get into drawing people/doing human studies so I'll be doing my best around that!

I wish I could select both comms and designs 😭 good to see you around! those designs look stellar as ever


Augh, thank you so much!! That means a lot, I'll be doing my best!

more morrem. now


(looking at you) Yeha

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(Tossing in sheep shaped gummies in there too)

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I probably should've put this in here too, but if you said designs and there's a preference for types of designs (humanoid, human, anthro, creature, etc) or themes (angelic, nighttime, retro, etc) that you'd like to see from me and you'd like to let me know, feel free to let me know!