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Posted 4 years, 5 months ago by Lahti

Design Interests

This is really more or less a general guide. I'm well aware that some designs are not worth as much as the stuff I take interest below, and in those cases I'm willing to trade for art! Just message me and we can discuss what's reasonable!


Closed Species

  • Dreamies
    • Will look at any but prefer small ear types than long one.
  • Blakryes
    • Prism
  • Sphaerras
    • Sphere: Eyes & Mouth or third eye
  • Scarf Tail
    • Simple designs preferred.
  • Dainty
    • Will look at any but also looking for a Crossbreed MYO slot

General Interests


  • All I seek are customs or MYOs slots, so I can have an Close Speices AU of Ruby and Laynura. If I had to pick one or the other, Ruby is always priority!
    * $$ for customs or MYO slots is aways an option as well if I don't have a design to your liking! uu/
  • Art. Beware, I am picky. Please talk to me first.
  • Nendoroids. If you're up for pre-ordering nendoroids ¬†stuff for me hgdfhj

Not Interested

  • Feral/animal ocs

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