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This is something I should've likely written about three years ago, but better late than never, I guess! ='D It's about the request and art trade statuses mentioned on my profile page (RPs already got their post at some point and for commissions I really should also write one later). So, without further ado:

Art requests

I'm almost always open for requests! However even if I'm eager to hear what you would want me to draw, me actually drawing it is never quaranteed. It depends on my motivation, the subject offered, the politeness of the person making the request, the phase of the moon... The same goes for the style used in the possible art piece. I may draw you a sketch, a doodly but colored art piece or in rare cases even a full illustration. Because I'm not a well-known artist I never get that many requests, so your chances of getting at least something from me are pretty high. All I ask is that you remember these things while sending a request:

  • Please provide a clear reference image of the thing you want me to draw! Not just a written description, not just a character's name and especially not just the words "just google it". This goes for both OCs and "official" characters! The reference image doesn't have to be beautiful, but it should portray what you want me to draw as clearly as possible.
  • If I draw your request, please leave at least some sort of comment on it - even a "thank you" is enough! Otherwise I'm left wondering if you ever received it or downright hated it, and that's just not fun.
I don't have specific restrictions on what I will or won't draw, but naturally I'm not that good with things I've never drawn before. There are more links to my social media accounts on my profile, but here's for example my Tumblr's art tag if you want to see what sort of art I usually make: https://hitodama89.tumblr.com/tagged/sketch I of course also retain the right to decline a request if the subject makes me uncomfortable, but that should only happen in some really extreme cases. (So far I've never had to pull this card out.)

Art trades

Everything I wrote about requests also applies to trades. Other than that I pretty much categorize trades into two different category:

  • Casual trades between friends/mutuals. These are very flexible and don't necessarily require any sort of rules to work out. We can just go with the flow!
  • Trades with people I don't know in advance. For these I'd prefer to have some rules in order to not get into the situation where one party (so far it has usually been me) draws their part and never hears from the trade partner ever again. Because being in that situation over and over again is pretty discouraging, I'd like to see your part of the art trade before I publish mine. I can certainly draw my part in advance and even show you a teeny tiny preview image of it if you want to be sure the art truly exists, but the full piece you'll get after I've gotten mine. Other than that usually I'd like us to talk about these things beforehand:
    • What will be the style of the art pieces? I think it's fair to trade a sketch for a sketch and a headshot for a headshot and so on. I generally prefer more simple trades instead of hugely labor-intensive ones (for example headshots over full body illustrations with scenic background) so if you really, really want me to accept your trade offer, it's usually better to suggest something pretty fast 'n' easy.
    • What should the deadline of the trade be? I'm fine with anything between a couple of weeks and a few months. It's also completely fine to ask for an extension! What I don't like is complete radio silence even if the deadline has come and gone, but then again I bet no one does.
On top of normal art trades I have also done some ACEO/ATC trades in the past. (I think all of them can be found here: https://www.deviantart.com/hitodama89/gallery/39880671/aceo) They are generally a lot of fun, and I would love to do some in the future, too! In these trades you'd just need to be able to give me some sort of address I can send my card into as well as be willing to send your card to me.


I am having my two esk boys here! I would love to do a trade with you! 

I would love if we could discuss this in DM
(also Have Discord if you need @/Rokkudaun#1003)

I'll send you a DM!

If you like, you can dig through some of mine!


As in... For what reason? =0 To draw something? If yes, a request or trade or something else..?

Just if you saw one you'd be interested in drawing as a request

Okey dokey, I'll check them out!