Help me vote on which OC(s) I should post next

Posted 6 months, 3 days ago by circlejourney

Who should I post next??

7 Votes Kerai
6 Votes Vijay
5 Votes Si-Hyeon
15 Votes Lavelua

Hi guys! I'm back and I am absolutely stumped as to which character(s) to post next. I kind of like them all equally, and the main thing all of these OCs share is that they are all pretty fleshed out but kinda lacking in proper full body art. So I've decided to leave this to a poll.

1. Kerai. He's Fen's other best friend, completes the "main trio". Looks like a jock (and kinda is one?) but he's sentimental and kinda soft. Collects stamps and coins, thinks local history is neat. Will protect his friends with his life.


2. Vijay. Sparkle emoji personified. Social media influencer, everyone goes to him for accessorising tips. The Idea Guy; a small number of his ideas are actually good, most of them make you go "what sort of mind comes up with these". Hinalei's bestie since they ran against each other for Treasurer.


3. Si-Hyeon. The book club's founder, president and only member. Has a talent for making every conversation about the book club. Strong-headed, hopeless romantic, has a flair for drastic measures and dramatic gestures. Has a crush on Hinalei...may or may not have given her a heart-shaped box of chocolates once.


4. Lavelua. Nervous, head in the clouds, has an emotional support chicken that she brings to school. Famous for rule-breaking shoes that she has friends draw on whenever she's bored. Doesn't have the best grades, but she tries.



Si-Hyeon TOT.... because my bias

I will make it happen 🙏🙏


I NEED to know more about the chicken

The chicken will definitely get its own profile