Special Commissions

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These are special commissions that step outside the typical picture type. Each one has it's own unique order form you have to fill out.  

If you are interested please send me a NOTE!



Character Collage Commissions

Flat Color: $35

Simple Shade: $40

Advanced Shade: $50

◆ The Prices are PER character ◆ 

◆ All Backgrounds are basic with a single color or blend of 2 ◆ 

◆ No more than 3 characters allowed per piece ◆

◆ Prices vary based on complexity ◆

Order Form:

Collage Commission

  • Type: (Flat Color, Simple Shade, or Advanced Shade)
  • Character #: (How many characters in the pic)
  • Details: (Do you have any specifics for the character/s)
  • Background Color: (list the color or colors)
  • References: (All refs have to have a visual of some kind)



Reference Sheet Commissions

My ref sheet commissions are calculated to be cheaper than purchasing the individual pieces on their own. Each comes with a background, as well as a nameplate and descriptive writing and/or labels. That's what makes them stand out as character sheets and not simply a collection of pieces.

◆ Prices vary based on complexity ◆ 

◆ Small additions such as an Eye close up, Tattoo or small object are completely FREE ◆ 

◆ The background is basic single color. You choose the colors. ◆

◆ Each piece will default to flat color unless requested otherwise (Extra cost will apply for shading)◆

Simple (1 full body + 1 Headshot): $20

Semi Complex (1 full body + 1 Backview Torso + 1 Headshot): $25

Complex (2 full body + 1 Backview Torso + 1 Headshot): $30


Size Comparison: $2
Large Weapon/Object: $2
Back View Torso: $3
Extra Head Shot: $3
Extra Half Body: $5
Magic/Power Display: $5

Regarding the Written Portion of the Sheet

Each sheet automatically comes with a name and basic labels worked into the base price, but additional bits may also be included upon request fo FREE. However, large pieces of writing like a backstory or extensive personality will cost extra.

This is an example of the basic bits you can include without additional cost


Order Form:

Reference Sheet Commission

  • Type: (Simple, Semi-Complex, Complex)
  • Extra Add Ons: (If you have any list them here)
  • Written Details: (List the details that you want)
  • Background Color: (list the color)
  • References: (All refs have to have a visual of some kind)


By commissioning me you are acknowledging that you have read, understand, and agree to all of my terms and conditions. If you have failed to do this simple task then it is of no concern of mine if you run into problems. I will have no sympathy for you. None of the rules will change or bend because you decided to disrespect me.


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