Price Guide:

kittoms: $45

FaeKittoms: $55

df29km7-918e201b-15dd-40da-bc24-743b9270df29kma-338b6df9-5b2e-4af8-b55e-19fedaf9malis_fae_bby_by_forged_artifacts_df471jAdult Lineart only: $70-$85


Coloured: $90 - $120 based on complexity


brix_by_forged_artifacts_df29kgb-pre.png df29te0-3f340765-1e23-4665-9ed0-e26b8d1c

Plasma Horns +$20




Accessories or Outfits +$25 - $50


Prices vary between $45 - $120 based on complexity and weapon type

Some examples:
Knives/Daggers/Wands -$45

Guns/Bow&Arrow/Axes - $60

Swords/Staffs/Spears/Poles/Musical Instruments/Shields - $80

Scythes/Concealed + hidden weapons -$95

Hybrid weapons (mix of other weapons combined) $100- $120


As I accept payment from PayPal, please be aware you must be 16yrs and above to commission me.
If I have any doubts, I have full rights to decline any commission requests.

If wanting a commission but do not see a weapon listed above, please feel free to pm me for a quote!

For commissions please fill out the form below!

Elnin/Kittom Growth/Commission form:

Link to ML: (MYO's too as it'll list the traits/mutations for me if present :3)
Rank you want: 
Traits you want: 
Mutations you want:
Additions : ex plasma horns/accessories
Misc: (Any preferences for pose and expression, along with hair/eaf fluff styles)


If you don't have a clear vision of the design you want, I'm fine working on some concepts pieces if you are unsure of how you want your Elnin/kittom to look like.

I'll only charge $$ extra if major edits are made after lineart and colouring is done or more than four concepts designs are requested.

Weapon Commission Form:

Weapon type: ex Great Sword
Colour Pallet:
Additional accessories or magic: ei Ribbons, charms or emitting magic
Extras: (+$20)  ex: Scabbard, belts
Paypal: (Can send privately over Discord)

If you want more than one commission you are free to post multiple forms in one comment! <3


Nyamomask- Waiting on Flat approval

LeechiPeechi - Waiting on Flats approval

DarkfireV - FaeKittom - Waiting on approval

AliLV - Faenin - Waiting on Line Approval


- VesselofEve
- Kloana
- Malis
- Sharky
- Nekoyang
- Deeed

Please do not use/claim credit of my designs or do any of the following without written consent/permission!

School/Vector Projects 



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Hey Becci! Are you open to doing new ml art for an adult that you previously did the kittom stage for? I wanted to get some slight edits done+add some more accessories to her design and felt it would be nice if I could comm you to do her new ml art ;;

Hello! Absolutely honey I'd love to! Feel free to poke me on discord to discuss more details, when you are ready of course! <33

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Hello, yes I am sorry for the long delay, I was away visiting Family
Please feel free to poke me on discord though when free to discuss details! <33

How much would a 5mp crown and undine tail cost for the colored masterlist growth art? Thanks! I have a noble token and undine token I am wanting to use on my kittom! 


Well it does depend on how complex the elnin is and what else the Elnin is going to have with the growth,
If you can give me more details on what else the growth with contain I can give a more clearer quote for you <3
ei: Rank/Hair and ear fluff length/ Tail length - what kind of fishy undine style you are thinking of too and any mutations!

Thank you dear! <3

;D me pls I have an myo (kittom art +growth) and then a growth for another nin

Could I be put on the Waitrose for a Faekittom design? Still thinking on an idea I have for them

I've added you sweetie! Thank you so much!! <333

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Of course! I've added you on sweetie!

Could I be put on your waiting list for May? I have a faenin growth/upgrade I’d love for you to do when I pay off the invoice! 

Of course! Added you on!
Thank you darling! <33

Kittom MYO Commission form:

Link to ML: Additions : n/a Theme/Inspiration: Glowing Blue Flowers & Flowing Water ( , , ) Paypal: through discord!! <3

Are those lineart + shading for 70$ commissions still open? :D I have a girly I'd love to get lineart from you to use fro the masterlist :3

Yes of course honey! Please ping me on discord with the details :D <333

Okay honey! Sorry for delay I rarely check ToyHouse, if you need me I'm more reachable on my discord! <3 I'm Becci-Boo in the Elnin server

Hewooo >•> me me me !!!! Pwease <3 you already know wbat I want ^^

Hi Becci! I talked to you on discord some time ago about a base transfer for a kittom you traded me+marking edits- just posting this here as well! I’m fine with waiting since I just spent all my EC/SC on a growth haha ;;

Hi hi Becci <3

Kittom Growth form:

Link to ML:
Rank : Adventurer
Traits : Glade tail (3MP), 4MP Tail size, 1MP Hair, 1MP Ear fluff
Mutations : Phantom step (aurora borealis), Celestial shroud (more aurora effects), Featherlight hair (celestial shroud combines with this andhair/tails look like fading into an aurora), sectorial heterochromia (aurora shape too), Starlit suffusion
Additions : none
Misc: Any preferences for pose and expression! I have an sketch about the interaction with the first mutations. Other than that, a pretty solem expression,of a young male <3
Paypal: I'd prefer to DM you this if that's okay!

That's perfectly fine my dear! <33

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Sure! I can place you on my waiting list and you can pm me on discord or here when you are ready? :D

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I am curious about something. Would you have a price on a lineart commission, but with your shading added? So all someone has to do is color it?

Uhhh 8Va oh, do you mean like highlights/shadows on the body?

Yeah exactly! So the person would just color it in after. :)

Sure that should be alright! I'll give it a try haha!

Okay, so I think the price for that would be $70 if you wish me to add shading! OWO/

Oh sweet! Okay I will keep that in mind and come up with the money. Just want to confirm that this character done that way would still be 70$ or if there would be any complexity fees :D growth idea + hair how I would want the tail (the braids in it)

Nin: Her crown would be staying the same as the one you designed, same with the guilded. The changes to her actual design would come with adding of the lagoon tail (in growth examples), hair, and of course colors which I'd do myself xD

No the price will remain at $70!  :3

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