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Folder navigation:
Unsorted - Anything that can't currently be sorted into the location folders that I have, or are underdeveloped but I still want to keep.
Unplaced Companions - These would be creatures that aren't a full character per se, but are companion potential. All underdeveloped or unplaced characters will be tagged "unassigned")
Up For Adoption - Characters I own but can be bought or traded for. Feel free to offer! Do not offer for any
character in any other folder. The answer will be no. 

Forever Homed - Never for sale/trade/offer and don't ask! Button code:
<span class="badge badge-pill badge-success"><i class="fa fa-home"></i> Forever Homed</span>

Tentative - Might consider selling, but will need to be bribed. Button code:
<span class="badge badge-pill badge-warning"><i class="fa fa-question-circle"></i> Tentative</span>

For Sale/Trade/Offer - Feel free to offer! Button code:
<span class="badge badge-pill badge-primary"><i class="fa fa-tag"> For Sale/Trade/Offer

Some characters have tabs! If they do, that means they might have alternate forms or relevant reference extras!


Main Tags: 

By Location:
Kusolensi ( The Duom | Veinstokar | La Llorona | Sky Kingdom )
Entium ( Incassum | Vorissyl | Siopi | Performing Troupe )
Tandamet ( Audeamus | Ashland | Sgryetsland )
Tyrondelle ( Pyrus )
Earth ( Tamily )
Space ( Astra Novia )
Fantasy Apocalypse ( ??? )

By Story: 
The Mediocre Adventures of Stan and Xias ( placeholder )
No One Will Ever Know ( The Circus )

By Character Type: 
Humanoid | Anthro | Human | Vampire 
Demon | Shapeshifter | Beast | Imp | Alien 
Zoomorph | Angel | Merfolk | Sphinx | Centaur | Satyr
Dragon | Drakkel | Kirin | Volacer 
Feral | Mount | Horse | Feline | Canine | Bird | Fox 
Companion | Pet | Unassigned Companion 

By Origin: 
Adopted From Friends | Adopted From Others

Main | Unassigned | Sona
Up For Sale | Up For Trade | Up For Offer 
Want Art Of

This is not up to date 



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