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If you haven't already please join our world and our discord both you can find right on the front page of our profile!!!

I wanted to show off some of the new stuff coming. One things I can't show but I can tell you about is WINGS! Detached from body like floating and also attached. Beautiful Galaxy Wings!!! I hope you look forward to that. Now on to some other things!!!.

Tickets will be opening within the week they will be sold and announced in the discord first for 24 hours, in fact patreons of Aermerea already have access to them! Then general members in discord then a bulletin will be posted here where you can also grab them this time. In the future there will be a MYO shop in our Toyhouse World~ Here is a preview of the tickets, each purchase will get you one of these lovely tickets below with a number that corresponds to our tracker, delivered personally to you through toyhouse.


Next we have more extensive and NEW sky types!!!


Two of the types are obtained with a special item only! But thats another cool thing coming items that give you exclusive traits. Such a mutations, wings, daydream sky, nightmare sky, and zodiac constellations! In Aermerea we have in server currency that you earn and then use to spend on these things in our shop. We are very close to opening the close.

Next we have a little tidbit for your MYO's a convenient little star palette for you sky type so we can clearly see those colors before you gradient them. This will be required to easily see the colors used. But its only for your gradient. You can feel free to use the palette for other things on you design~ Just clearly mark the sky type. starpalettesblank.png

To finish out we have lore:

We also have world info but I'm not quite ready to roll that our yet!!!
I hope you enjoy this sneak peek.


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