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Posted 1 year, 4 months ago by scpkid
  •  Absolute favorite!!
  • Enjoy these a lot as well!
  • I still enjoy but may be picky about the portrayal or not really looking for them at this time, but i can be convinced...
  • Just wouldn't work for me, my headworld, or i struggle to draw them. Doesn't mean I hate it!! (i truly don't dislike any animal...)
  • please note this all applies to furry, anthropomorphic characters. i am still interested in human characters though.

Designers (these are in no particular order!)

  • fishbones
  • VHSdruid
  • Bratblush / Bambisaber / strawberrymilk
  • Bek / Reccabe
  • sleepiest
  • TropicalSteppe
  • squeedgemonster / squeedge
  • 1997jaguar
  • GoneViral
  • basilpesto / peachybat
  • Crittervalley / elfkit
  • Zamzi
  • arboret
  • buffbears
  • gtsu
  • kindkeanu
  • murkbone
  • quei
  • Safi / quailtea
  • sorochiey
  • frogcroaks
  • Autumn / sourscape
  • Clashtsu
  • peachpines
  • grau / swigmama / ilgrigio
  • gingsenghoney / yiq
Doesn't mean I'm specifically looking for these artists only! These are just ones I know well.


  • wild canines (favorites: wolves, coyotes)
  • reptiles (favorites: most snake species, spiny lizards, crocodylia)
  • mustelids (favorites: wolverines, martens, badgers)
  • ungulate (hoofed) animals (favorites: deer, elk, horses, goat)
  • bugs/insects/arachnids etc (favorites: centipedes, tarantula, scorpion, bees/wasps, moths, isopod)
  • dinosaurs
  • gura (closed species)
  • avisaur (closed species)
  • most fish like salmon, trout, gar, sharks, eels, etc
  • most other sea creatures, especially weird/rare ones!
  • demons, angels, cryptids, mythical creatures
  • domestic dogs (favorites: any northern breed)
  • bird of prey (favorites: hawks, kestrel, falcon)
  • sea / water birds (ducks, seagulls, tern, etc)
  • cranes, herons, and similar bird species
  • true seals (harbor seals, leopard seals, etc)
  • rabbits, bunnies, hares
  • opossums
  • prehistoric animals other than dinosaurs
  • frogs/other amphibians
  • big cats / wild felines (tiger, cheetah, ocelot, serval, lynx, etc)
  • dragons (eastern, western, wyverns, drakes, all good)
  • most marsupials (rock wallaby, thylacine, bilby, quoll, etc)
  • orcas, maybe some other dolphins
  • hyenas (striped, spotted, brown)
  • pool toy / plushie characters
  • primates (i love generic cute monkey characters a lot)
  • domestic felines / house cats
  • i dont dislike any animal but I just may be picky about some uncommon species
  • closed species that are NOT avisaurs or gura
When it comes to my headworld Dog of Paradise, I actually prefer species I don't already have, as I try to make it diverse. I do look for desert species as a preference.

If a species isn't listed here its a good chance I'm totally fine with them I'm just trying to get common ones down or ones in particular.

Physical Traits

  • "dad" bods or dad like characters
  • muscle gut, muscular, bara type characters
  • chubby / fat characters
  • "human" like features on anthro characters - like facial hair or body hair, or facial features
  • tattoos
  • androgynous characters
  • pear shaped characters
  • reptilian claws/feet
  • multicolored eyes
  • big claws
  • toothy characters, fangs, teeth sticking out, gold tooth, missing tooth
  • dark, sharp eyebrows
  • moles, freckles, blemishes
  • whiskers
  • scruffy small/medium sized tails
  • small, short tails (like deer, rabbit, small dog)
  • half lidded, sleepy eyes, or sly/bedroom eyes
  • septum rings
  • super fluffy tails cause I'm bad at drawing them
  • pink noses (over like, dark colored ones, idk why I have this preference tbh)
  • Idk the only thing I can think of is like.. a deer character that has a dog nose/dog ears for example or other super species inaccurate designs. Nothing wrong with those, I just like some animals to be species accurate! It can be cute sometimes, I definitely make my fair share of inaccurate designs for style reasons.
I try not to judge specific physical traits because I am trying to have a story with different kinds of characters so I'm okay with traits I may not have listed.

I am just drawn to these and find them super appealing / fitting for my story.

Clothing / Accessories

  • fun printed buttoned shirts (like floral or tropical prints, or something more unique)
  • woodsy themed clothing (heavy jackets, flannels, brown boots, reds/greens/earthy colors)
  • outdoors athletic wear (think: REI, Patagonia, Northface etc)
  • men's dress wear (buttoned shirts, dress pants, dress shoes, on the nicer/luxury side)
  • skate fashion (Zumiez, Vans, etc, like hoodies, windbreakers, hats, skate pants, Vans shoes)
  • cowboy / western wear (cowboy boots, cowboy embroidered shirts, hats, etc)
  • varsity jackets
  • band shirts (real or generic)
  • glasses (favorites are thick rim black or tortoiseshell, or gold round glasses)
  • stickers on accessories
  • plaid patterns
  • grid patterns
  • collars (as in dog styled collars)
  • snapbacks, trucker hats, backwards hats etc
  • generic althetic wear (running shorts, leggings, tank tops, underarmor, running shoes)
  • farm vibes (overalls, work boots, sweaters, trucker hats, etc)
  • high fashion, avant garde
  • gold accessories, jewelry, accents
  • witchy, gothic wear (gem accessories, moon phases, etc)
  • street fashion
  • 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s inspired outfits
  • armor / high fantasy ( i love it but can be picky )
  • lolita
  • steampunk
  • top hats, fancy vests, victorian style
This one is not a huge deal as the design is the character itself, but I do love these and these details may be present within the design itself and I look for that

Palettes / Markings

  • natural based (anywhere from super accurate to loosely accurate)
  • natural inspired but with some unnatural accents / details
  • warm, earthy colors (red, orange, yellow tones, can have a touch of purple)
  • most kinds of browns
  • warm colors with touches of grey, cool or warm
  • warm colors with cool accents (including unnatural colors)
  • piebald
  • spots, speckles, freckles
  • different color head to body
  • offwhite rather than pure white
  • natural coyote/wolf inspired colors/markings
  • american akita pinto patterns
  • dark, cool, mysterious colors (witchy? cryptic vibes?)
  • gradients, especially if subtle
  • holographic, glitter, glow in the dark accents
  • retro inspired colors / markings
  • different colored fingers (like darker, or white)
  • high contrast
  • subtle nature inspired markings (like a mountain inspired pattern on the back)
  • complicated tiger stripes
  • galaxy patterns
  • some neon green, purple, orange, blue, etc
  • blue + orange, purple + yellow, etc
  • food inspired design elements though it depends
  • purple chaarcters, im very picky
  • cyperpunk / techno markings
  • too much pure white #FFFFFF or pure black #000000 
For my headworld, MOST of the characters fall into some form of realism when it comes to markings/colors, though I do stylistic takes on it.

I'm still open to unnatural stuff for characters that would be part of other stories, fursonas, etc.


  • pacific northwest, pine tree, woodsy, cabin, lumberjack, outdoors [example, example]
  • desert vibes, either light / warm like nature, retro, camping, vivid / warm like canyons, or dark and grungy [example, example, example]
  • western/cowboy, either modern, old wild west, more traditional or like orville peck [example, example]
  • morally grey, sleazy characters, villains, hitmen, criminals
  • dark motel / neon sign / casino / gambling aesthetics [example]
  • luxury modern, black/white/gold/marble [example]
  • tropical, pool side chill vibes (like los angeles or palm springs etc) [example]
  • witchy/satanic/gothic feels, like either pnw vibes or southern gothic
  • edgy, grungy, biker vibes
  • LA/hollywood luxury / actor types
  • red motel/hotel/lovecore vibes [example]
  • red/black/edgy/neon demon aesthetics
  • holographic, glitter, soft pink pastels [example]
  • sporty/athletic vibes (like jocks, based on a certain sport or just someone who works out a lot)
  • lush, green, jungle vibes [example]
  • ocean, beach house, nautical, ship captain, lighthouse keeper
  • vintage, retro, soft muted colors, mid century modern, hippie
  • death, blood, horror, ghost, graveyards
  • halloween, autumn, etc [example]
  • cottagecore, farmcore, etc [example]
  • soft dreamy, pastel, cloudy, angelic vibes [example]
  • y2k aesthetic, 90s aesthetic, 80s, 70s, etc
  • beachy, tropical, island vibes
  • super bright kidcore
  • cozy "normie" style
  • art hoe style
  • grunge
  • vaporwave
  • indie
  • steampunk
  • lolita
  • nerdy / geek
  • dark academia / harry potter
  • clown / carnival
  • victorian
  • hot topic / tim burton style
  • cyberpunk / techno

last updated: 5/21/2021

Feel free to copy from this for your own design preference lists.


hey, sorry to bother you but where did you get the code for this bulletin from?

I love creating character designs, especially for other people. I would love to make you something.

Just want to say I'm down for a design trade if you're ever interested! You're one of my favorite designers as well ^^

Dunno if this bulletin is like, an invitation to show you available adopts that might pique your interests, but I do have this adopt that hits some of them! Let me know if you’re interested. I’d also be willing to do trades, even though it says they’re for sale.

Dunno if you're interested in looking at any characters right now. But here's some of mine:

I have a few designs by Fishbones that I might be open to trade or maybe sale for a couple if you like them:

And I have a few designs by other artists here:

I do have other designs I may also consider in other folders that I can consider too.

Just thought I'd drop em' here.

Are you actively seeking?

Are you actively seeking?

Not sure if you're looking around, but I have a canine character that I'm selling that might be of interest to you?

If you were ever interested in a trade for definitely hmu!  I love love them but it just doesn't occur to me to ever draw them lmfao

Can I make you a gift design? I got a really cool idea from all this!