oh more orchid? more orchid? more orchid?

Posted 1 year, 16 days ago by Orchid Isoprene

you want some spaghetti? (i have none to offer)

2 Votes yes, always (me too)
2 Votes i mean in general yes but not right now
1 Votes why would you ask if you have no spaghetti ):
0 Votes do i have to eat it now or can i save it for later (i just said i don't have any!!)
0 Votes no i already ate
1 Votes no i don't like spaghetti
0 Votes well what kind of spaghetti are we talking about
1 Votes I don't trust the spaghetti of a liar.

Literally! But we'll get to that.

Updated Orchid's bio since he was the last profile I made and thus the dude hanging around in my WIP Profile placeholder thing, so he wound up being my guinea pig for CSS adventures! Or, well, I was going to upgrade to a shinier version, but tl;dr I couldn't make the tweaks I wanted so I wound up just figuring out how to "upgrade" the sidebar on the right since that's all I really wanted out of the upgrade!

That gave me room to add another section, so I proceeded to... not do that at all and slapped a music player in there instead. We'll see if it lasts because I get self-conscious about music, but more importantly I either have 10 billion theme songs for an OC or zero. And most of them are zero because I just auto-associate every song on Earth with either Orchid or Orchid-adjacent characters. Or Orchid-adjacent characters AND Orchid at the same time! It is a nice way to set up The Vibe for the character, though - making picking a song out for the Orchids out there easier since I'd gravitate to what's most musically fitting out of the bunch - so we'll see if I'll be able to uphold it in future bios. Probably not. And it looks especially awkward when you're on the credits tab. But who knows!

If I get rid of it, then I'll probably just split History and RP History into separate sections like I used to unless I think of something better!

Aside from doing some actual proofreading, the real meat of the update is in the Entireties section, because it recently got revealed in RP that some apparent rando I was RPing in what amounts to an AU subforum wound up being an alias for an AU Orchid. So Coris has his own section in there now, there's images and hover text in that tab now, and Dicro's section there actually links to his profile like it really should've in the first place. He won't have a profile for some time, I imagine, since there's still a lot of spoilers for En2rety plot stuff in his backstory and while we're very close to revealing a lot of them it's just not quite time yet! He's pretty much the same guy, though. Sassy godmodder and all.

Last thing to mention is that I finally decided to just upload that story I mentioned in my last bulletin. Like I'd said I was going to wait until I made a profile for Astrid first, but I really want to make a new ref for them first and that just kinda keeps not happening, so whatever story time!! Summer might be over, but it's a story that'll surely bring you back to those warm, sunny days where everything is perfectly fine and normal! Give it a read!

I think that's all I got! Back to wanting to make profiles but not being able to decide who to make profiles of but also needing to do RP stuff but also wanting to write short stories but also needing to make refs but also wanting to play games but also-


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