Small schedule update!

Posted 3 months, 18 days ago by umbral-wind

Hello! While these estimates aren't set in stone I want to give an update on stuff that will be releasing soon and things that are being put on the shelf for now.

Announcements as of 10/9;;

  • Bat Dreamies -- there will be 6 on a unique base and they will likely be going up within the next week! Auction style with no AB.
  • Scarftails -- there will be 3 on base and they'll be going up sometime within the month. OTA style, with the ability to offer specific art/designs/cash (cap of $800 max on the cash side).
  • MYO slots -- I want to offer MYOs for Dreamies, Czylphs, Nudis and Faunnies altogether soon, but I don't know if I'll manage to do that within the month. I do want to try, though!
  • Turn-ins -- likely won't happen for a long while. I've got a HUGE backload of turned in designs I still haven't revamped yet, taking on more feels overwhelming still.

    All of these sale types will have a pre-emptive individual bulletin announcing their date/time! So don't worry about hawking my page over vague dates and stuff.

Any other kind of sale I don't have any plans for it right now, but the latter two are what I get asked about the most, so I figured I'd post this journal to keep people in the know!

I'll test the idea of this journal being where I keep info regarding what's upcoming, and link it on my front page.


I'm so excited for the Scarftails!!! ^^

There are no words to express how hyped I am for the bat dreamies ! And the rest too <3

I'm not sure just yet! I will have to consider it but I am fairly certain they won't have a cap on who can enter.

me, briefly glancing at this: o_O nudist myos? 

also me: oh. oh yeah, nudis sdklghskldf

//that aside though, i wanted to ask if past customs are still on schedule? just curious since the last bulletin mentioned burnout (which is super understandable- no worries if they're delayed ^^).

Yeah of course! I just won't be taking more customs until I get these done, this bulletin is just for public sale related stuff that pertains to everyone. ^^

ouo <3! cool, thank you for the quick response!

faunnie MYOs are exciting, whenever they might happen- thank you for the update! :0c