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I have been seeing bulletins regarding Toyhouse offers lately, and thought it might be interesting so I am opening my entire Toyhouse to offers! The only exclusions are Sindri, and those trade/sale locked! My Arvani will be next to impossible to pry from me (it would have to be an offer I couldn’t refuse) as I’m very attached to them all.

Also please understand that this is more just for pure interest on what could potentially be offered- I am happy with most of my designs! As for my interests, feel free to look through my favorites to get an idea! I’m really only interested in designs that fit the themes of those in my “Real Favorites” and especially the “Gosh I Love Them” folders. If I’m offered something that doesn’t fit my tastes I’ll likely ignore it, apologies!

EDIT: also I probably should have mentioned this but the sale/trade lock indicator is in the character tags on their profiles! 

Comments here or DM’s are welcome, thanks for looking! 


I'm interested in Aegir but I know they are sale/trade locked. x'D

Hi Hi! so im veri interested in your arvani! above all this two boy: 
Ahumai Orahan and Ydryn Idra 
For them i can offert theirs original value and trade one of them whit this arvani i have and i cant click whit him : Sea jewels 
In add i can add some art!

Ps. im always oper for my two arvani if you dont click whit them , for a re buy, whit is original price!


Pretty Arvani, I just don’t see myself using them sadly. Thank you so much for offering though! 

hello Skye !    if you ever consider art offer at all, I could offer dragon art up to the worth of any of your arvani (just in case you are interest, but probably not likely lol) 

or I can offer art too for this one https://toyhou.se/3493251.liusaidh  ( not gonna lie, prob one of my fav by them ovo )

also, I hope you are doing well !

Hi!! I’ve been okay, thank you! I hope you’re doing well? :) 

I appreciate the offer, but at this time I’m more so looking for design trades. Apologies! ;;

Totally fair ^^
tysm for replying !

I’ve eyed Keita for a few years, if she ever comes up I may be interested in her ;u; I’m weak for greens, white, and grays. She’s stunning even from just seeing her head in her art gallery

I doubt I’d part with her unless offered a dream design, she’s one of my favorites! Thanks for the interest though. 

No problem!

Oooh I know I deffo don’t have anyone aside from Apophis but I wanted to know if you’d do a partial mix of art I’d love to offer you sketch pages for https://toyhou.se/11998005.tauriel-usd-only and add on 125 usd! 

Hi Nemu! 

Gosh Apophis is such a dream design lol! I’ll keep this in mind for sure! But at this time I’m looking for designs trades or resale for them I’m sorry! 🤍

I have this guy from your real favorites I'm p tentative with but would consider maybe trading for one of your arukanoda/arvani designs! (There's only two I prob wouldn't trade him for)


And I would prefer if we trade locked them so we could trade them back at any time ^^

Oooh I do really like that character! At this time I don’t really see a place for them in my headworld- but if that changes at any time I can definitely reach out? :) 


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Wahhh what beautiful work! I’ll have to pass though as I still really love Runni and have plans for him. Thanks for offering though! :) 

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I am not too sure what your attachment is to the designs I’ll offer on but I hope it’s alright to ask! I really like https://toyhou.se/19962471.aegir or https://toyhou.se/25562104.jhera-rennya

I could offer https://toyhou.se/19690100.miel-doux or https://toyhou.se/15536367.arancia-eo and https://toyhou.se/17940415.avar (and art on top!)

Hi hi! Lovely designs but I unfortunately don’t see myself using them more than mine.. I’m sorry! T^T 

That’s all good!!

Would you ever part with Zelda for USD? (sorry I am unsure if the "no sale/trade on her profile is current or not ;w;)

It’s not current! I am actually going to be paying for a commission on Tuesday and would maybe be interested in a voucher? 

How much are you looking for? ^^

Sent a dm on Discord! ;w;

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Beautiful designs, but unfortunately Vahni is trade-locked and Liu is an all time favorite of mine. I don’t see myself using those designs more than mine, but thanks for offering! ;;