Art Trades [Closed]

Posted 16 days, 22 hours ago by Deyan

UPDATE 11/21 - I'm closing these after this batch so I can rest my arm and brain in preparation for December, which is often a busy art month for me. Thanks for the trades, I hope to open these back up at a later date! <3


I'd love to do a few small, casual art trades this month! My half will be a digital flatcolor headshot or fullbody, possibly with a simple sky, water, or abstract background. Single character only for now. Your half doesn't have to be the exact same thing as mine, as long as it's a fair trade. Feel free to offer, say... interacting headshots for a single fullbody, or 2-3 uncolored sketches for a lined and colored headshot. I'm flexible!

Fullbody Examples: [X] [X] [X]
Headshot Examples: [X] [X] [X]

I'm especially looking for art of these characters right now, but I'm also happy to trade for art of my main human characters if you'd rather draw a human! For my half I can draw feral, anthro, or humans, but I'd rather stick to just headshots for human/anthro characters.

I'll be taking two slots at a time -- one headshot and one fullbody. Feel free to offer a trade even if the slots are currently full and I can contact you once I'm ready to take on another. You can request multiple trades, but only one at a time. 


  1. Howee [Fullbody]
  2. -Private Trade-

Reply here or DM me on Discord (Deyan#4100) with the form below if you're interested -- I'll respond whenever I'm ready to start a trade!

What character would you like me to draw: [or link to a folder and let me pick]
What Should My Half Be: [headshot or fullbody]
Simple Background: [yes/no]
What Are You Offering: [doesn't have the be the same as my half, just keep it fair and be specific]


Hi!! If you're still open for trades I'd love to do one c:
What character would you like me to draw: Would you be fine drawing her? (If you would rather someone less complicated feel free to tell me and I'll switch them out!!)
Trade Type: Headshot
Simple Background: Sure c:

I would love to trade with you!! Cream is SO pretty and I'd love to draw her at some point, but the nerve damage in my arm is acting up so I may need an easier-to-color character at the moment if that's okay? (Perhaps in the spring or summer we can either do another art trade or I can try drawing her for Art Fight! Because my chronic pain tends to settle down a bit when it gets warm out.)

For your half, would you be up for drawing one of these three (no preference, just pick whoever seems most fun!):

Terribly sorry for the late response!!  I'd love to draw Mo! She's really pretty..
Would this kid be easier? c:

Bless, I'm excited to see Mo in your style!! 

And yeah, Joseph should be nice and easy on my garbage arm, thanks for being flexible! <3 I should have my half done within the next week or so (most likely on Sunday or Monday)~

Alrighty, finished my half! Here you go friend:

Thank you so so much!!! He looks adorable ;;

I'll try to finish my part soon <3

I'm glad you like it!! He was real fun to draw

I'm excited to see! No rush whatsoever tho, take as long as you need, friend~ <3

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Oooh yes I'd love to trade with you! :3 I'd like to do a fullbody of one of your new sparklenose children, but most of the characters I'm seeking art of atm are anthro... If I did a very simple-style, fullbody "doodle" in exchange for a headshot, would you consider that a fair trade? (If not, I can dig up one of my less-anthroy characters for you~)

What character would you like me to draw: (I'll let you pick, but if you're specifically looking for a less-anthroy character: might I suggest Cosmo? Or some of my anthros have feral designs, too~)

Trade Type: Fullbody (at least for my half)

Simple Background: Sure!

A fullbody doodle in exchange for a more polished headshot seems fair to me! Are you up for drawing either Ash or Lirpa for your half, perhaps? Ash wears the same accessories pretty much all the time, but Lirpa can be drawn with any combination of accessories from her ref and/or her inventory, so you can go wild if you draw her~

I would love to do a headshot of Willow for my half if that sounds good to you! Do you have any preference between a sky background or an abstract music-related background for her?

Yeee I'd love to draw Ash! She's got good tastes in necklaces. ;P

An abstract music-themed background for Willow would be cool! I might do a similar themed background for Ash, too~

I'll get started on my half later today- thanks, friend!

Music friends trade!! I'm excited! I should have my half done within the next week or so~ <3

All done with your Ash bear :3

There she IS!!!! Oh my goodness, this is perfect! You even drew her with her guitar!!!! And she's so delightfully soft and round! And her claws look awesome!! And that background is such a cute touch!! Thank you so so much, I ADORE this!!! <333 Willow is up next on my owed art queue, so I should have her done soon~


What character would you like me to draw: or maybe? :3c
Trade Type: headshot
Simple Background: nah !! or i mean if you want 😭

Heck yeah!!! I'd love to draw Darby for my half -- I'm a sucker for otters. Would you be up for drawing one of these two for your half:


YEAH!!! Have fun with Horse Art! Ungulate characters are always so hard to collect art of so horse art is very welcome~

In other news, I finished a Darby for you! Here you go! <3

OHHHH SHE CAME OUT SO CUUUUTE OMG i love how you did her snoot and her hair ;v; and all her spots look so good eeee

i should have min-sun done for you tomorrow!!!


i hope she looks ok ive never drawn an arabian snoot before 😭

MY BABY!!!!! Aaaaa she looks amazing in your style -- I love her ears and eyes and S N O O T!!! I want to boop that snoot. And the way you did her sparklies and glasses/hearing aids! And that expression is so perfect for her!!! Thank you so much for trading with me this turned out so delightful and I had so much fun drawing Darby~ <333

eeee i’m glad you like her!!! thsm for the trade aaaa <333