Adoptables Suggestion Box

Posted 5 months, 22 days ago by Sealkitty

Adoptables Suggestion Box


Always open!

This box is for fans of my work to suggest adoptable designs they'd like to see.

I won't be able to make every idea or reply to everything but I will read them!

For coding suggestions please direct them to my forum post.

  • Feel free to drop by anytime!
  • You can list multiple ideas and post more than once
  • You can post palettes, moodboards and/or be as specific as you want
  • Fandom based ideas such as pokemon, BNHA, HypMic, Genshin Impact, etc. are welcome!
  • No offensive themes please
  • Please avoid linking designs by others. You can however link my own designs as examples


Hmm interesting! I love mythology inspired designs.

Which style of clothing did you have in mind? Fantasy or modern? :0

I have a few ideas 👀

-Set based on cards (Heart-Spade-Clover-Dia & Ace - Joker) 

-Regal/prince batch of unique kemonos (Markhor for exemple)

- Innocent Demons and Guilty Angels 😏

- Fantasy Kemonomimi set (Kirin, Dragon, etc)

-Why the heck not a full unicorn batch with each a different outfit style (Streetwear, punk, victorian, steampunk, fantasy)

I also really second Zodiac and chinese signs !

Ooh la la! I actually wanted to do a card suit set a while ago. Unicorn sounds interesting too and I had considered the Chinese zodiacs and elements too hmmm 👀

Thank you for the suggestions!


Oh god Kitty I am soooo EXCITED

Feel free to use anything from here~

There are so  many good things from descendants from greek gods (I stil love ideas from Hephaestus) to waterplants and things as adopts
Oh I´d be thrilled to see a type  of music instrument or music style as adopts as well as weapoins maybe ( a bowwielder or  sword)
The other suggestions below are awesome too.
Teasorts or startype

Zodiac (Especially Capricorns, like the previous one that you had made), Sunsets, Egyptian, Autumn, Cherry Blossoms, Volcano/Molten Lava, Northern Lights/Aurora Borealis, Carnival Lights (Night-Time Theme ONLY!!), Starry Nights, Galaxy/Galaxies &  Fireworks/Firecracker/Sparkler

Ah yes! Other stuff, like a umm.. Dragons, Nagas/Snakes, Angels, Devil/Demons, Vampires, Elves.. ect :'D

Like this for example, Egyptian Theme dragon. :'D

These are what i would loved to be seeing from you! \o uo/

Star/Constellation themed ones, maybe? ~

hmmm maybe some shark themed ones? ovo

MERMAIDS OMG they would look so pretty in your style.

more of the same stuff you ice, fire, lightning, and humans. royalty, nobility (aristocrats, wealthy, politicians, businessmen), military, knights.

personifications like people/kemono/demon/angel made out of caves, volcanoes, rain, clouds, weather, castles, rpg, etc.??