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By commissioning me, 617th, you agree, understand, and are upheld to the Terms of Service below. It may be personally augmented based on discussion between me and you, the commissioner.

     1. General
1.1 The Estimated Time of Arrival for the commissioned piece varies from commission post to commission post, or upon personal agreement. It depends on the complexity of the art and my own schedule.
1.2 I hold and will use a reasonable amount of artistic freedom with how I interpret the character using the information provided. It does not mean I am seeking to change traits that I am given.
1.3 I have the right to refuse any order.
1.4 This is a digital product; no physical item is being delivered. Unless specified otherwise, a hi-res file of the finished artwork will be sent via our initial contact platform in a sta.sh file.
1.5 Please do not rely on me to store or keep a copy of the artwork; it is the commissioner's responsibility to download it.
1.6 Each commission sale post is subject to have individual stipulations for purchasing. Please read & follow them as these rules may not encompass certain types of commissions wholly.

     2. Copyright
2.1 I own the artwork created. I may display it anywhere with credit as to who the character(s) belong to. You may not claim to have created the artwork.
2.2 You, the commissioner, have the right to use the art received for personal use only. You may not use the art in any way to gain a profit.
2.3 Commercial usage must be discussed beforehand. If you fail to discuss commercial usage prior, the work is for personal usage only.

     3. Payment
3.1 Payment is upfront and due within 48 hours via Paypal or Cashapp after the order is confirmed. No drawing will happen before then.
3.2 Prices may increase from the sticker price of a commission type if the character is complex to draw or other extra details are added. This will be discussed per commission post.

     4. Cancelling and Refunding 
4.1 An order may be cancelled and thus refunded if a month passes since payment and I have not started.
4.2 After the initial sketch is approved, you may not receive a full refund. If you cancel after receiving the sketch, you will only be given a partial refund.
4.3 In no instance may you demand a refund for completed work. Issuing a charge-back may result in being blacklisted from future services.

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