Art Trades are open

Posted 1 year, 10 months ago by commanderskeeper

Looking for artwork of both ocs and oc x canon pairings. 



- I draw fandom characters and original characters

- I can draw furry characters - (Besides Birds or Horses or reptiles ) 

-  I can draw couples (LGBTQ+ couples included) 

- I accept fair trades 


- I don't draw other ocs or canon characters with Cullen Rutherford or Alistair Theirin from Dragon Age. 

- I don't draw mecha, cars, fnaf, mlp or sonic

- I don't draw fetish artworks or NSFW (Nudity is fine if your character is 18+) 

Artwork I'd like to get: 

Couple wise: 

Cait x Corrie

Cullen x Corinne

Ron x Celeste

Hawks x Shizuyo

Alone characters




If you are interested please fill out this form below. 


Type of Trade: (Couple or Single character) (Chibi - half body - fullbody) 

Examples of your work: (Not needed if you have traded with me before)

Which character(s) you want me to draw?: (Full body - full colour references only please) 

Which character(s) of mine you are going to draw?: 


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