MYO Shop Hub [ open ]

Posted 2 years, 2 months ago by mappy

Welcome to the MYO Shop for Cyber Pixies!

myo sales will open periodically, where you can claim a limit of three (3) myos or trait items at once!
please do not make your own Cyber Pixie without proper permission via an myo or unique event!
each Cyber Pixie created by users, must have proof of myo sale, unique event, or otherwise! so pls keep any proof saved for ease of access!

myos are only valid if the creator (mappy) or one of the listed mods reply to confirm your purchase!
impersonation of a mod, especially with the means of manipulating sales, will result in a ban!

for full rules of Cyber Pixies, and any connected content, can be found here!

myo prices are subject to change as the species gets it's footing, please be patient!

MYO Prices
valid as of March 2021

common - $10
uncommon - $15
rare - $20
ultra rare - $25
legendary - $30

common - $5
uncommon - $10
rare - $15
ultra rare - $20
legendary - $25

Trait Item Prices
valid as of March 2021

bottled modem - $2
( change 1 trait within current rarity; ex plug tail to usb tail )

candied ethernet cable - $5
( upgrade rarity to 1 above; ex rare to super rare )

sugar-coated floppy disk - $2
( add 1 applied trait; ex shaped to shaped+rings antennae )

pickled malware - $10
( add 1 unlisted trait; MUST be approved by a mod separately )


all sales are final! there will be no refunds*, or chargebacks!
do not buy an myo if you cannot afford one, there are other ways to earn one if you don't have funds!
*if you require a refund for whatever reason, there will be a penalty (you cannot purchase in the next myo sale) but it is only temporary

all sales are made through paypal, via invoice!
you are required to leave your paypal email in your claim comment


please keep in mind that the owner & mods of this species are dedicating time and effort into a creative endeavor, not the ability to "cash-in" on myo sales or adopts. this is a personally rewarding activity, and we would appreciate no comments made about myo sales or their prices. if the prices do seem unfair for whatever reason, please do let us know in theĀ suggestions corner!


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