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About & FAQ

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✂ —— Caine | 24 | Male (he/him) | Leo | Finland | Literature major
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Hello I'm Caine (or just Cai) and everything I know about human interaction I learned from shoujo manga. I really like to make friends so don't hesitate to talk to me especially if we share common interests like vintage manga or musicals or something! I study literature in a Finnish university and my special areas include classic literature, history and psychology. I suck at talking about myself as opposed to talking about my interests but given how much I overshare you'll probably get to know me in no time

I'm both an artist and a writer but I usually end up drawing a bit more, but both are equally important hobbies to me and they kind of come hand-in-hand either way. I like to draw OC stuff a lot and I also make adopts usually at least once a month, so you rarely see anything but those coming from me haha. I'm also currently working on a visual novel called Sinfonia and I talk about it all the time so if you're curious about it you can read more from here

My mission in life is to say a lot of nice things to others and that's why I tend to type a lot in forum games and I'm so sorry about that, I don't mean to intimidate people!!

Things I like


✂ General things:

History, mythology, gore, folklore, vintage manga (especially shoujo), creepy stories, weird conspiracy theories, cosplay, writing, drawing, musicals, theater, fairy tales, vintage book illustrations, classic literature, classical & choir music (also boy sopranos), lions, camping, hiking, wasting hours reading petty internet drama, that sweet sweet mlm content & urban exploring

✂ Fandom things:

Shounen Note / Digimon / Rose of Versailles / The Heart of Thomas / Empire of Corpses / Poe no Ichizoku/ Devilman / Star Stealing Prince / Romeo's Blue Skies / The House in Fata Morgana / Mandrake Boys / Pandora Hearts / multiple Moto Hagio & Keiko Takemiya series not mentioned here / Yuureitou / Ni no kuni 2 / Vinland Saga / Berserk / Banana Fish / Dankira!!!

I like plenty more but I feel like these give a good idea of my interests and the general aesthetic I go for. My anilist is here!

✂ 5 book recommendations

Hermann Hesse: Demian

Henry James: The Turn Of The Screw

William Shakespeare: Hamlet

Madeline Miller: The Song of Achilles 

Umberto Eco: The Name of the Rose




* Almost none of these have actually been asked but let me pretend 

✂ Is Caine your real name 

It's actually Cai but I like to keep Caine as my artist name to seem slightly less obvious. Feel free to call me Cai tho!

✂ Where is your avatar from?

Most likely from some 70s manga either by Uchida, Takemiya or Hagio! Right now though it's my own pixel art!

✂ Do you have any female characters?

Honestly the amount of female characters I have but haven't yet uploaded is terrifyingly high. They just need new refs and I'm lazy and love to make new OCs instead of updating old refs, whoops. 

✂ When will you upload a new vetehi/adoptable set?

I try to upload something at least once a month! I mostly focus on vetehi but I try to get other adopts done too! Just remember I'm a university student and even if most of the time I'm not doing much anything I sometimes have some actual uni work to do too and might get busy. 

✂ Do you do MYOs/customs?

Only when I make a bulletin/journal about it!

✂ Can I offer on the characters on your gallery?

No, sorry!  

✂ I got art from you. Can I upload it on my character's gallery?

Absolutely yes! I only ask for you to credit me to my TH (preferred) or deviantART (xCastra)

✂ What is Sinfonia?

A visual novel I have in development!

It was originally gonna be an April Fools joke but it got out of hand and now I'm serious about it. You can read more about it from its main site and development blog!

✂ Do you RP? 

Not currently, at least with people who aren't my mutuals. 

✂ Can I have your discord?

I don't use discord almost ever, sorry! If you want to talk to me I highly suggest either dms here or twitter private messages! 

✂ What do you look like? 

Like the most generic shoujo manga guy imaginable. It's ridiculous.  

✂ Why are you like this?
When I was a baby and had just learned to walk I ran straight into a porcelain toilet and all my teeth fell down and my parents put them back with ice cream. The moral of the story is I'm pretty sure I was just born with 1 braincell only.  

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Oh, someone who likes Moto Hagio and old manga in general!

Here's a book recommendation for you if you haven't read it already, The Confusions of Young Törless. It reminded me a lot of Kaze to ki no uta.

THANK YOU it sounds exactly like something I'd be interested in reading!! The general concept reminds me a little bit of Hesse's Demian, which is also a big recommendation because it reads exactly like a legitimate 70s manga lmao


I see you're a Takemiya-sensei fan! Of her works I probably like Terra E... the bwst, followed by Natsu e no Tobira (one of these days I'm gonna actually take the time to finish Kaze to Ki no Uta)

ABSOLUTELY YES I actually got so desperate over Kazeki I'm now part of the scanlation team (sorry we're slow though) I still haven't fully finished Terra e neither as anime or as manga because it's so good I have trouble like... actually wanting to finish them. But I'm planning to get around to it this week already!

I STILL DON'T KNOW HOW TO FEEL ABOUT NATSU E NO TOBIRA I just kinda screamed throughout both the manga and ova... I love the fact the ova made me think Marion just straight up died

Manga: Marion was badly wounded


I'm upset Wedding License has like no scanlation or even raws anywhere, I actually went and bought my copies and now I'm literally alone with my love for that weird Takemiya manga. There is only one art on pixiv of it. This is the true essence of a dead fandom

I actually haven't gotten my hands on the Natsu E ova but I gotta at some point.

Oh man~ the manga is so good for terra e! I have the anime on DVD but haven't finished it yet (huh maybe if I can figure out how to live stream I might do that). But yeah, do it. The ending is just... hnnng....

Oh man, and I sob about my dead fandoms. That's... all the awful. What scan team are you a part of :o

I think it's still on youtube along with the kazeki ova, the quality is pretty poor but I haven't really seen it in HD anywhere. I personally prefer the ova over manga mostly because the pacing in anime feels nicer for me personally, but at the same time I'm like... damn the ova looked ugly compared to the actual art of Takemiya-sensei......

I'm part of Artemis Project!!

Oooh good to know!

...omfg you guys are so cute on Tumblr xD took a bit to find you because there are a lot of Artemis projects lol

I actually have no idea why the group is called Artemis Project, I'm a relatively new recruit like I joined only last summer... I should probably ask them We're a good group we have our very own dropbox folder JUST for kazeki memes and I think that's beautiful

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