Gift Art / Writing Tracker

Posted 2 years, 1 month ago by mappy

Welcome to the Gifting Tracker for Cyber Pixies!

you've got a Pixie that you're cool getting gift art or writing for? maybe an event is coming up, and you want to help newbies join in?
comment below with the correct form, and it'll get processed by a mod soon!


please note: if you would like to remove your Pixie from being open to gift art/writing, you have to reply to a mod's approval comment, stating so below!

masterlist found here

masterlist category/number:
status: open to gift art, writing, or both

this bulletin is only for updating the masterlist!
if you are looking for gift art, trade art, or otherwise, please put up your own advertisement!


comment here with a completed form! dd7tr77-528cf749-e2c7-4056-8186-e9c2805b