Toxic People Club

Posted 1 year, 1 day ago by Sirabies


  • Do not ask why the people listed, are listed.
  • Do not ask what they have done.
  • Do not contact these people on my behalf.
  • I will not associate with anyone associated with the listed.
  • Do not pretend to know the situations.
  • Unfriend/Unfollow me if this list offends you.
    • Discord Block
    • Asylum#2631
    • Bad Ritual#2880
    • CrabBattle#4733
    • Dainty:cherry_blossom:#1193
    • Elle#1331
    • Maddifish#1753
    • Mari VA#5737
    • Patti#1224 // Pattisaurusrex#3327
    • Spinesplitter#0827
    • SuburbanKnight#5883


This is a list of people that are extremely toxic in some way or another, anyone associated with the people listed should assume this applies to you, too. We will have nothing to do with the community the listed occupy.


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