im making fakemon and a Pokemon headworld

Posted 4 months, 20 days ago by scpkid

I'm working on some fakemon for fun, and I really like some of the designs, I think I might upload them here and make fake poke dex pages for them!

Here's an idea i had: (the image of pokemon is very zoomed in i know.)


Pokemon is my lifelong special interest and right now i've been super focused on it.

I've talked about this before but I am working on a Pokemon Mystery Dungeon headworld!!!!

the world page for it is almost done, like 90%... I also need to come up with the right name for it ^^" but ill share it soon.

Here's a preview of the world so far: (you can see it has a lot of pages... its a lot of info)




i’m STARING at your collection so far _(:3 」∠)_

batcula, rainine and monaposa are my favs currently !!! :D

Oh wow I can't wait to see what you come up with!!


the og pixel art pmds are my favourites, i've been obsessed w them since i was a child! super excited to see more of your headworlds!!


yes fakemone yes yes yes

Oooo I cant wait to hear more abt your md headworld!!! pmd is one of my hyperfixations 👉👈

This is so cool!!!!!!! I wish to do something similar one day :0. Btw! You should totally check out! He is creating a fakemon fan region around the PNW as well! Maybe you guys could do a collab or something? Itd be super cool to see!


I love this, and I love mystery dungeon. I played blue rescue time for a good while.

im very excited to see this project, ive been working on a pmd world myself and i cant wait to see your concepts!!! the fakemon look soo cool too

Awesome! Can't wait!!!

brooo that sounds and looks so interesting!! It's definitely going to be a fun project to follow and read about :D

edit: omfg my brain nyoomed over the fakemon part and focused on the cool lore part but seeing your fakemon designs and all their quirks and dex entries and stuff will be SO cool too!!

this looks so cool <3

looking forward to this >:3

very cool!!! i cant wait to see!

I LOVE seeing Fakemon and people’s takes on the series! Can’t wait to see if you post it :D

I can't wait to see your Pokedex, I'm literally so invested haha, I love Pokemon so much too so seeing this is like... amazing!!!

That sounds so cool!

Sounds soooo exciting!