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Posted 1 year, 4 months ago by hanyu
  • WYSIQYG OFF and code editor ON when editing my codes, or they WILL break!!
    • if you have any problems caused by keeping WYSIWYG on, i will not help you with them, sorry!
  • please do not remove or hide credit on my codes!
  • you may edit/frankenstein my codes however you like, as long as anyone else whose code you're using is okay with it too!
    • if you decide to redistribute these privately that's fine, but if publicly posting code edits please ask me for permission first.
  • feel free to message me if you have any issues or concerns with my codes!
    • however, please keep in mind that i will not fill out character info in codes for you - i code as a hobby and as such do not have time to do that. also, i may not respond asap since i have school and other real life things to take care of.
  • do not profit off of my f2u codes; they're free for a reason. this includes offering to fill in/edit my codes for people in return for money, art, characters etc; however, you may dm me if you'd like an exception. if it's hard work i'll likely allow it!
  • if using any future p2u codes of mine, please do not redistribute them- even privately.
by hanyu on toyhouse
last updated : 12 . 08 . 21


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