Commissions Info

Posted 1 year, 8 hours ago by rhosix9

Commissions info:

  You can contact me by pm (preferably on Instagram) to ask anything you want about my work
  You can see examples of my art in any of my pages (from here LinkTree)
  I only accept pyment on PayPal
  I can do SFW and NSFW

Commissions Terms & Conditions:

  You should provide a ref sheet, an art of your character or a detailed description
  You should provide at least half payment in advance
  There is no refunds
  The art will not be send until you pay for it entirely (full resolution)
  If you post it, you should credit me
  Don't recolor or edit it
  Any change to the draw should be asked before finishing, if you add content the price may change
  Don't sell it for more that you had payd, except if there is extra art


  Headshots: 5 U$D
  Bust: 10 U$D
  Full body: 25 U$D
  With background: + 10 U$D
  Doing something: + 5 U$D
  Extra character: + 15 U$D

  Ref sheet: 45 U$D
  Detailed: + 10 U$D
  Accesories: + 5 U$D
All prices may vary depending on the nature of the required work


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