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Below are commonly asked questions about my templates/coding in general. If you have a question that isn't answered here, feel free to leave it in my ask box.

Please note this FAQ is specifically for questions relating to my coding work. Do not leave me random unrelated coding questions in the comments, I will delete them. if you have a general "how to" coding question try the forums.

My template is broken/not working properly

Please check my troubleshooting tips !

Can I use the HTML of a premium layout if I don't have premium?

Nope! As stated in my P2U Rules you must have a premium account to use my premium layouts.

Do you take coding customs?

I don't, sorry!

Can I add/remove/change the content sections in a template?

Yup, you can modify it however you want!

Can I change the colors/background in a template?

Yup, layouts with custom colors were created with the intention of having the colors changed!
Note that theme colored layouts do not come commented for color changes, however you are still welcome to tinker with the layout/change the colors on your own.

How did you get a custom icon next to your username?

Many years ago I was a beta tester for the site, and beta testers were given custom icons as a "thank you" gift. (For reference I've been on toyhouse since 2014, this happened a long time ago!)

Can I pay with dA points/some other form of currency other than USD?

Nope! Sorry, I have no use for it.

Can I purchase your CSS and use HTML by someone else with it?

The short answer is: yes, but i cannot guarantee every HTML template out there is going to work perfectly with it.

The long answer: coding is a series of instructions. HTML creates the elements on the pages (the words, the images, the boxes your content goes in) while CSS tells these elements how to look.
When I make CSS, I am making a giant sheet of instructions telling all the different parts of the page how to look. When I make the HTML to go with my CSS, I create it to work specifically with these instructions. (That's why if you ever buy a premium layout and try to use just the HTML, it'll look busted - it's missing all its appearance instructions so you're just left with some loosey goosey parts!)

When you take my CSS and put HTML by another person with it... it may work with my CSS, it really depends on how the other person wrote their HTML. If you combine HTML with my CSS and it's half broken, a lot of times it's possible to edit the HTML some to make it work better however you'd need to be willing to put in to the time to understand what isn't working right & fix it. (These fixes usually are not complicated, they just require an understanding of what you're doing).

My premium bundles contain more CSS to make them work with a wider range of HTML. Again, I cannot promise they work with everything out there, but they have a better chance.
My premium layouts are meant to work with the provided HTML. They are not meant to be used with any other HTML.

I edited your template to make my own, do I still have to credit you? Can I reference your work?

If you took an entire template and modified it, then you must credit me. If you just used a line or two of code to see how to do something (like center a paragraph or make an image float or something) then no credit is required.
Basically if you're actually using a template, credit is required. If you're just looking how to do a single thing, no credit needed!

How do you _____? (General inquires on how to code something)

Please do not send me random coding questions! When i first started doing this years ago I had a lot more time and would answer these questions as much as a I could, but I don't have that kind of time anymore. The best advice I can give is do a few HTML tutorials and use google! You can also try asking on the forums.

Can other people help me troubleshoot/modify your templates?

Sure. If you're ever having issues feel free to ask on the forums or have a friend help you.

I purchased a layout from your ko-fi shop & it has since been updated! How do I get the updated files?

There are two ways to get to the files if you need updates, or if you just lost the file and need another copy...

1. Go to your e-mail and find the original purchase confirmation e-mail from Ko-fi. Click the big red button that says "go to your items" - this will take you to the purchase page where you will have the option to download the layout files. All files shown will be the most up to date version.

2. If you have a Ko-fi account, choose the sidebar option "Received & Given" and from there select the "orders" header to bring up a list of things you've bought on ko-fi. From this list, find your original purchase and hit the "view" button. From here you will be able to download the updated files.

How did you learn to code/do you know any good tutorials?

My very first coding lesson was the good ol' neopets HTML tutorial LOL after that I learned to make layouts by learning to make divs & just googled everything else after that. My general methods is make a design & google how to do the stuff I want to do.
Some stuff I suggest reading up on/understanding: divs, tables, inline css, display types (block, inline & inline-block), bootstrap card & color classes.
W3Schools is a good, basic reference for HTML & CSS. Toyhouse is built on Bootstrap so reading guides on that can be very useful on learning how to utilize the many classes it provides!
& never just copy coding just cuz it works. If you don't understand why it works then you're not learning!

Editing Tips

  • Use a private "holding" character to work on your profiles until you are ready to post them publicly
  • Save local copies of all your coding - you should back up everything you make!
  • Write heavy content in a word processor then copy over. Back up your content.
  • Make significant coding edits offsite in some type of word processor. I personally edit my HTML in Notepad ++
    • I highly recommend Notepad ++ for editing, it is a very light weight, easy to use program. Save your files as .html & it will color code the tags for you as well as help you format as you type.
  • Use find & replace in a word processor to quickly replace hex codes (especially useful for updating colors in layouts that use inline css)
  • If you need to ask for assistance with coding in a layout, always link to a live page that is demonstrating the issue. Do not post a screenshot- for someone to help you, they must be able to view the sourcecode.


Hello! I was looking at your bundles (I own Tidy, Card, Frayed, and Widescreen on Gumroad) and I saw that  they were since updated. I was wondering if I could get the updated files (I mainly wanted the Character Mood HTML for them)

I know that they aren't updated on Gumroad sadly since you closed your shop and rebranded from Eggy. Am I able to still receive the files or should I repurchase them?

i can give you itchio access, please PM me proof of purchase of the bundles you need access for (a screenshot or your purchase email works) + it may take me a couple of days to respond as i have to be at home to set up the transfer

No worries, sent you a DM about it, thank you!

Sorry to bother but I love the code the user has ( https://toyhou.se/5450876.devil ) and can't find it on your profile anymore. Was this particular code retired or is it still available somewhere?


discount applies automatically when subtlve v1 is in your itchio libary. if you didnt to do a gumroad to itchio transfer you'd need to trigger the discount to apply


yeah, that's fine! i put old freebies in the bargain bin as a bonus so people have a way to get them, anyone can use them


original "A lot" has been retired, I've given it a revamp and rolled it into my "Frayed" bundle, it is the "Extensive" option: https://toyhou.se/8762118.frayed-12-


quick question as i havent been on TH for a long while: do you have some kind of archive of your old codes or have updated them since then? i was hoping to find your old Pokemon character code just to have an untampered version but i guess its been gone for a while

i do have some old css, but most HTML was lost a long while back when i was moving between computers. i don't have any of my pokemon codes anymore, sorry!

aw dang, alrighty <:) thanks for replying

Edit/ Shoot just noticed the ask box link, sorry!

Hello! I had a question about the Topsy css. I originally bought it on Gumroad and I noticed there was an update mentioning "Grid" and "Simple". Where can I find those?

I can do gumroad to itchio transfers, please PM me your gumroad purchase e-mail to do a transfer !

Hello! I just had a question about your template for [freebie] Group 01! I'm currently coding a world and recently created a repeating pattern (I tested it on my end so its all good to be tiled) but I seem to be having a bit of trouble scaling it! I think I need to include command to actually tile the image and scale it down, but after awhile of googling and looking through forums, I can't figure out how! Here's the world at the moment! https://toyhou.se/~world/96079.the-f-rm-farm


sounds like my old "darkly" css! i retired it long ago/don't have it anymore. my current free css all have a "dark mode" for darker colors, but that's all i got currently


heyy!! sorry, I don't want to bother 👉👈 I loved this css that this user is using: https://toyhou.se/louixie

I tried to find out which one it was, but I didn't find any similar in the freebies or others, can you help me??  Thank you! <3

that’s an old layout i don’t sell anymore! i don’t really have an equivalent to it at the moment in my shop, the closest would be clean or blank https://toyhou.se/5581885.clean-10-

oh, okay! thank you!


it's been retired; the coding still works fine & will remain in your gumroad library so you have access to it, i just dont sell it anymore


Hello! I was wondering if it is possible to use the character HTML code of a CSS bundle with another CSS bundle, or are they just meant to be used with their specific bundle?

EDIT: I mean,  for example, would a character code from the Widescreen pack work with the tidy CSS bundle?

this is answered in my rules: https://toyhou.se/~bulletins/8675.css-html-shop-rules
"Do not mix and match my premium HTML between layouts. Whatever HTML comes with your purchase was coded specifically for the CSS it's matched to, mixing and matching will cause the HTML to not function correctly.
The HTML that comes with my premium CSS has specific coding in it for focal images, mobile responsiveness and other unique elements that will only work when use with the correct CSS."

Hey, sorry to bother you, but I was wondering what an FA_link was? It's under the Hewwo Code (unsure if on any else) and I can't seem to find info anywhere on what that abeviation is of? 

If you've put it anywhere, sorry to message you about something you've posted before!

fa stands for furaffinity; all links are just filler, change the icons or add/remove the links you actually want to use

Thank you^^

Hello, I am currently using the [Freebie] Capsule code for a character I am working on I was wondering how you fill out the stars with the fas/far thing on the stats page.

fas is a full star, far is an open star. look at the coding that is there and you can see how it's used

Thank you, I looked at it again and it made more sense...cacan't believe I was making it harder than it actually was.

Hi, I am wanting to purchase some of your CSS coding, however looking through them I've noticed that almost all of the character CSS bundles do not have the favorite button showing/included, and I couldn't find it anywhere on the sample pages. If I install these CSS codes will people be unable to favorite my characters? Because that would be too bad :(

i disable favorites on the live samples; you can see the favorites button on the main/landing page of each bundle

Ohh, thank you so much for clarifying! Then I will be going ahead and purchasing some CSS from you C:

i've been wondering for a while now, but nobody seems to have asked the most important question yet,,,
why u got a heart icon next to ur name? 👁👁

i get asked this like once a month i need to remember to add it to the FAQ 😂 i was a beta tester for the site many years ago and beta testers were given custom icons in their usernames as a thank you reward !

haha sorry about that, and oooh nice!!

Hi! Sorry to bother you

I’m looking at upgrading my account to premium and use it one of your CSS bundles but before I do I’m just wondering if character tabs would still be visible on the CSS? Or would it depend on the template I go with? 

they would, but i do not recommend using them with top navbar templates as they take up too much space, they work better on side navbar

that makes sense

I’m thinking of going with the Widescreen bundle 

Thank you for your help and enjoy the rest of your day! 

hi! i’m really sorry if this question is redundant but i was wonder if the css on this bundle would work for worlds? i know it says it works for character and user profiles but i was wondering if maybe it would work. finding world-specific css is really hard 

nope, that is why it specifies it is only for character and user profiles

hi! currently adding you in my characters profiles templates to credit you properly. I was just wondering if this template (https://toyhou.se/14439126.asuka-chidori) has a way I'm able to change the colour pink to something else? I'm mildly new to this and thought it would be better if I asked for your assistance

that’s a theme colored template so you’d have to write custom code to change the colors; as stated in my rules the user is responsible for all edits they wish to make/i do not provide editing assistance https://toyhou.se/~bulletins/8675.css-html-shop-rules

ooh okay i'll see what i can do, apologies! thanks so much though!

I can no longer find your thread/post about the itch.io move :') I've got content from your gumroad that I'd like transferred over 👉👈

Thank you 💖


is this happening at full screen, or just when you shrink the screen and the bar runs out of room? if it's happening while shrinking then that's just the way it goes, sorry! but if you're seeing this at full resolution and your bar still has plenty of open space that would be a bug


Hello! Just wanted to know if the Basics Bundle is an updated version of Topnav? They look very similar and wasn't sure.

they’re the same thing, i just renamed it !

Oh okay! I bought topnav from you in gumroad some time ago, I wanted to see if I could get the updated files Basic has?

there is no update, basics actually comes with less customization and less HTML than topnav has!

Oh okay I see, ty for letting me know!

actually i think i explained that badly, let me try again LMAO i took topnav's css, trimmed it down and chose the simpler HTML and use that to create Basics. Basics is like Topnav Light, i trimmed it back purposely to have something simple that I could sell at a low price point. It's meant to be an introductory bundle/something for people who dont want anything super fancy. If you own Topnav, you own everything Basics has + more

"Topsy" took Topnavs place and is a new layout, it has new HTML and more customization options. I will do 50% off Topsy for people who owned Topnav since Topsy is it's successor

Hopefully that makes more sense!

Oh okay! I can take the 50% for topsy

ahh wanted to know, how does one actually apply the 50% discount? Is it via gumroad or ithc.io? I currently can't use gumroad sobs

So I'm trying to change my profile CSS and idk if this is the only issue on why the profile stuff isn't changing but at the top of the page it tells me this and I am trying to use this freebie https://toyhou.se/2493596.-freebie-user-space, If the reason why it won't work isn't because of the coding but the fact that I don't have premium than I severally apologize for talking about this lol and I wish you have a great rest of your day ^^

this is an html layout it goes in the profile box not the css box

Oh lol
thank you for saying that my brain didn't work for a moment

I was wondering if you know how to fix this? it shows like this on the previewer https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/927843619065450546/947696899195015249/unknown.png

and then looks like this on my profile , it seems like i cant resize the image either https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/927843619065450546/947696970737283112/unknown.png


you don’t have any css applied in the preview: Basics has a fixed width to the container area and it can’t go wider than that unless you write custom css to change the width. float is intended to be a very small HTML and is not suited for a lot of content in the box

Oh well, thank you!

https://toyhou.se/11013997.topsy-18- topsy is a css that has a custom width option if you ever want a top bar with wider layout options; otherwise i’d recommend using an image that is more tall than wide for Basics if you’re gonna really fill up the box with content ( o o)d

Hi! I hope this is the right place to ask...I found this world the other day and was wondering if you knew the name of the CSS that was used and if you have/will have any world CSS available for purchase in the future? :0c https://toyhou.se/~world/9993.beledrift

that's my flat world freebie: https://toyhou.se/5270043.-freebie-flat-world

& i have no plans to make/sell more world css, it's not really my thing !

Ooh, thank you! ; v ; b

Question, what happened to Lux? i bought it on my old account, and i went to see the examples and its gone

it's retired !

question :

any tips of coding

i wanna start coding these someday but idk how to start?

as your my big inspo on codes any tips!

Hello!! Sorry if this is a dumb question, but I'm not sure how to get my tags to work, the profile I'm currently using is Thirds and I'd like for the tags to be shown somewhere; -;

if you'd like for the tags to show you'd need to make your own custom edits to either include the default content header, or created a custom section with hand coded in. as stated in my rules, the buyer is responsible for all edits they wish to make to a template

Ohh okay!! I'm not sure if it was something I could enable or not, thank you! ❤️ I'll try and find a way to do that. I'm not very good with code 😂

Hello, I have a quick question about some of your codes! A friend and I started using some of your codes when they were f2u, but looking through your p2u ones today I'm seeing a handful of those ones in there now! I was just wondering if it was still okay for us to keep using those codes, despite not having paid for them? We wouldn't give out the codes to anyone else or anything aside from sharing the link to your posts that include them and how to purchase, but was just wondering what your stance on stuff like that is!

yah thats fine, my retired freebies are mean to be a bonus to the bargain bin cuz people would request them regularly so it's my way of giving people a way to obtain them after retirement. if people grabbed them before being retired they're free to keep using them


nah, if you buy anything in the future just use your new username. purchases tie to an e-mail so I can always use that for owner verification if it's ever needed!


Hihi, so I saw this user profile, https://toyhou.se/RONNIE, and fell in love with their TH, although it says that you created the CSS but I can´t seem to able to find the correct one in order to buy it. So I was hoping if you were able to help me. Thank you! <3

That CSS is gradient! https://toyhou.se/9915948.gradient

Thanks! I'll buy it later! 💕💕

Hello I am trying to use the ocean freebie but I don't know how to put the image on the side

Hi! I know this will sound uh... dumb but Ive read through your Rules and FAQ multiple times and I cant find my answer
I might've missed it but, am I allowed to move/resize your credit?

it can be moved as long as it's still clearly visible (so can't be hidden/hard to find/super tiny)

Thank you so much! Would you like me to send you how I use the code so you can tell me if the code is too small?

Hello! I just bought 'Frills' and am trying to change colors of background, text, navigation buttons, etc. but I'm having trouble locating where I'm able to change the colors. Do I have to write the code or am I just missing it and it's obvious?

frills has two version, I'm guessing you mean the HTML version (https://ko-fi.com/s/92b321fa54) as stated in the description: "Layout colors change with the TH theme (no custom colors)."
you can customize the colors yourself if you wish but you are responsible for writing the HTML for that

if you mean the premium version (https://toyhou.se/3152575.o1-frills-9-) - this one does come with custom colors but you must have a premium account for it to work

Thank you for replying! I was able to write the HTML for it. I'm looking forward to using your code! <3

it will be saved with all current files in your gumroad library


Hello! Sorry for the trouble-

I sent you a message (Sorry, I read here you prefer not to recieve them so please ignore it!), it was about a code where you can't edit the color of the selected navigation button. I realized there is no hex code for it and the color is due to the toyhouse design color instead. Is there a way/code to make it edit the color of the selected button? I'd really like to have it green without changing the entire theme of my page.

Thank you for reading, and so sorry for the trouble!

hi there!! sorry for the trouble, but i'm having a small issue with the Function template - the music doesn't seem to want to play from one of my pages, despite not having WYSIWYG enabled, and having gotten the right part of the video URL. here's the page in question, if you'd be able to help me out! thank you so much in advance!

edit;; feel free to ignore this! for some reason, when i came back later, just to test it out, it worked just fine! all is well :D

The CSS code is not working for me? I had purchased the CSS for subtle in order to use it for both user and character. When I add the code into the boxes nothing register so I tried it piece by piece and only very select few parts want to work. However, for some reason the CSS with brackets does register but your's does not?

EX: $font-family: Lato; ---this doesn't work EX: background { font-family: Lato; } ----this is the method that does work for me, except that even when I use this method of CSS small things like adding in Lato as a font-family will not work. This includes with switches.

I had taken out my html as well incase that was causing it to be buggy. Then I tried adding it only to character profiles and then user settings. Your bootstrap code refuses to work unless I do the {} but some things on that won't work either. And I do have premium. I don't know if I'm forgetting something or am doing something dumb.

I had also thought maybe I had to use your HTML with it as well. So I applied the very very small basics (background, font-family, color, etc) and I had gotten the same results.

i'm sorry but i am very confused with what you are saying here. you should not be pasting in only parts of the code, the coding example you gave me is not how the font family is changed in subtle/is not my code, and things like "background, font-family, color" are not HTML

can you first make sure you have gone through my troubleshooting tips: https://toyhou.se/~bulletins/383046.troubleshooting-tips

and if that does not work PM me an image of what you're css box looks like with the code in it, it sounds like the code is not being applied properly.


yah, you can edit codes however you want which includes changing colors. you are responsible for writing the code for the edits

Hey I’m so sorry to bother you but I got an this oc and he has a template from you and I’d want to use it for my other ocs but worried if it was a purchased template or a free template?

If it was purchased I’d want to use a free one instead 

it’s a purchased premium template that is pretty broken since you don’t have premium. free content can be found here: https://toyhou.se/Eggy/characters/folder:268984

Alright ^^
thank you so much 💕

Hey Eggy, I was wondering how you changed the font and made your toyhouse site look different from everyone elses??

i wrote custom css ! sorry i feel like that is kind of simple answer LOL but it’s all custom css and html like any other layout, mine is just more complicated/has more to it then most templates

Hello! i know i'm gonna sound a bit dumb but i'm confused on how to turn headers on? i keep seeing this note: "This HTML is meant to be used with the character header turned ON, if you turn off the header you'll be missing owner/designer credits" 

I’m assuming you’re using tidy . There’s a switch for character headers towards the bottom of the css sheet

I am using tidy! and thank you very much i see where it is now. I was also wondering if it would be too much trouble to PM you with another issue of mine concerning tidy? i'm still very new when it comes to css and htlm, if not i completely understand. Thank you!

if it’s a flaw in the code/a bug that’s fine, if it’s about customization i don’t assist with custom edits as stated in my rules !


check font awesome icons, there’s a whole brand section. update the icon to the site you want & update the link


you're fine, i misread your question at first but that was very much on me akdfjs i hope the icons work out for you ;u;/

Hello! I was curious where to get this sorta CSS coding lay out thing? https://toyhou.se/Conighte/characters

I've been looking through your codes but I can't seem to find it, I'm not sure if I'm looking through the right places I believe. The layout on here is a little confusing for me, so I apologize if I seem dumb :,0

if you're referring to the css, that's an old one i dont distribute anymore. the closest thing i have now would probably be: https://toyhou.se/5581885.clean

Aww man alrighty, thank you though! ^^

Hi! I was wondering if it were possible to get access to the code used in this character's bio https://toyhou.se/7536999.-valentine ?

Apparently you privated it or something? Or would the owner of this character be able to give me the code with your permission?

if you mean the HTML, thats this: https://toyhou.se/4628365.-freebie-image
if you mean the CSS, i didnt make that

Oh sorry, I totally didn't notice it was that HTML the CSS threw me off. Thanks for your help!

Just out of curiosity, do you have a little stash of square/cropped unsplash photos somewhere that are available to use? Or did you just pick some from the site that were already square? <3

I crop & resize the photos myself! I do not distribute them as they are not mine to distribute, they all come from unsplash and are super easy to find (I usually just use top search results)

what css do you use for your profile?

my profile is something i made for myself... i have a similar design in my card bundle, but its not an exact replica: https://toyhou.se/9267075.card

Hello! Sorry for any troubles but I purchased your Blank CSS and I was wondering if there was any way to disable the sidebar from being "sticky"? And if so, where to put it in the code? I've looked all over but there doesn't seem to be anything familiar to my question in the forums ;-; I apologize again if this is the wrong place to contact you-

there is no switch for the sticky sidebar; you can overwrite the code with custom css placed beneath the import link, i think this will do it
.side-nav { position: relative !important;}

please note as stated in my rules the buyer is responsible for all edits they'd like to make to a layout (https://toyhou.se/~bulletins/8675.css-html-shop-rules) so please do not leave future comments asking how to make edits, thank you ;u;/

Oh, that fixed it! Thank you so much, and again, I'm so sorry for any troubles! ;u;

Hey!! Sorry to bother you but I made a mistake on gumroad when I bought something from you, may I PM you abt the issue?

yeah that's fine!

hey! is it possible to change the background position for your css? i bought a bundle and im really happy with it, but the background is focused on the top left, and i wanted it to be centered.... i tried putting a custom background line below the import but it didn't work at all.... anyone knows how i can fix that? if its possible, of course

it is possible, varies by css sheet but you'll need to inspect element and make sure you're targeting the correctly element on the page (i usually assign the background to the body of the page, but sometimes i do the content div, just depends) + that the css you are writing correctly jives with however i set the current bg.

is this for clean? if so under the background color variable ($bg_c) add in this new variable
$bg_image_style: cover;

it will set the background to cover & center it. i'm gonna update the css sheet later to handle full image bg's, just havent done it yet LOL but the functionality is there if you have the right variable

ah yeah it worked! im not good with css so i was googling around and only found a background-position thing and it just wasnt working at all.... but thank you for your time!!

Hi! sorry for the question, im not sure if it belongs in here but when it comes to statistics (like 4 out of five filled boxes for charisma) how do i fill or lessen the boxes? Im not the best when it comes to this.

I just purchased your Stripe bundle and the character css are not working. Im not sure what I'm doing wrong :( I've gone into your FAQ and fixed what was mentioned but it hasn't fixed anything. Im trying to get the Stripe_Flash character css to work. I have put it in Global Character CSS and in the individual character css sections and it still reverts back to the default TH. Thank you in advance!

my FAQ that explicitly states: "If those do not resolve your issue & you have have a paid template that you have not edited, PM with a link to your broken profile (do not send me a screenshot) & I will look into it. "

please follow these instructions and i will look into it!

Sorry about that, I got it figured out. Thanks!

Hey, is it possible to use two different CSS/HTML codes on the same account? I was thinking of buying the Clean User Code as well as the Lux character HTML, but i'm worried it'll cause my account to crash or the codes won't work together.

if you mean you want to apply clean bundle to your user profile and lux bundle to characters, that will work fine. you just can’t combine the two in one place, and you cannot not switch their html (so lux bundle html only works with lux css, clean bundle html only works with clean css)


when there are issues with paid content, please PM me directly as I don't check FAQ comments regularly. Cards was retired a long while back and i had to clear out it's CSS import (along with a bunch of other old imports) a couple of months ago in an attempt to stop my CSS imports from lagging because I have so many of them. I had made several bulletins asking people to contact me to make arrangements; I have the backend import info saved if you'd like to PM me, I can send you the link so you can set up your own import to make the layout work again


hi! i'm so sorry to bother you again, but i bought Blank CSS a while ago and for some reason the CSS breaks my sideblurb? it's a very simple HTML snippet that has a list of links that expand when you click on it. it works fine on other CSS formats (your Simple CSS) but on Blank the links just disappear

i always have WYSIWYG off and made sure to disable Global CSS. i tried copy-pasting a fresh code from the original files but i think it's something in the original CSS

link: https://toyhou.se/9626769.raphael
here's how the sideblurb works normally: https://toyhou.se/4678416.rex

its becuase your custom links have the same class name as the toyhouse sidebar linke for the "links" page, and you have the "links" page turned off in the profile so it's set to not display anything with that class name. you can turn links back on or you can just change the class name, either works

that worked, thank you so much!

hi Eggy, i used Simple CSS before you made some edits to it, and i prefer the old version more, the newer version sort of messes up my formatting (mainly the new sideblurb) would you ever be willing to release the older one as a separate version?

here's a cached page i found of the older version, that originally had the sideblurb at the top http://webcache.googleusercontent.com/search?q=cache%3Ahttps%3A%2F%2Ftoyhou.se%2F5565238.faux&oq=cache%3Ahttps%3A%2F%2Ftoyhou.se%2F5565238.faux&aqs=chrome..69i57j69i58.3083j0j7&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8 (if the link doesn't work i saved the webpage HTML to my computer, would that still work for you?)
the current page: https://toyhou.se/5565238.faux

thanks for your time!

i dont have the old code saved, sorry! you're free to make your own edits tho- just paste any custom css below the import link

okay, thank you for your time!


that was actually an error in my example upload OTL i've fixed the example so it reflects the correct width.

if you want the wider width add this to your css, below the import:
.character-profile {max-width: none !important;}


im planning on buying your bundles for css but i have a question (its probably dumb but i thought it would be worth asking)-

do the css work strictly with the html in the bundle, or you can change the html for the user/character to something that is not inside the bundle? like, if i use the css on my profile but use another coder's html

the html provided in the bundle is optimized to work with the matching css - you can use HTML by other creators but be warned some templates may have conflicts with the css. this can be fixed via editing the html to fit the css better, you’d just need the time/knowledge to make any edits that may be necessary. and some templates will work fine, just really depends on how it’s made

I see thank you! 💖

Hello! I just bought the blank pack and I was wondering, if u have a canvas size that works good with the codes! Since for me the pictures always look a bit pixelated and not smooth (´・` )♡

so you mean the top focal image of the form/collapse character html ?

Eggy I'm using the collars one! I have the problem with the top focal image! I added the design section from the from one and have the same prob with this image too! Here is the code https://toyhou.se/9501603.mika-code-1 ( I hope u can see it!) (♡´౪`♡)

Also Is there a way to add a background like here? https://toyhou.se/9267075.o1-card-10-/9267080.character-tabs

OKAY I think its just my pc somehow? On my iPad it looks fine SO WEIRD! Sorry (@Д@;

I'm not sure if you have a suggestion box anywhere but I thought I'd put out there that if you ever decided to make P2U world templates I would be -extremely- interested! And definitely be willing to pay a higher price! [$10-$20]

There's not very many of them and your codes are just so clean and lovely. Hope its okay to post suggestions like this!

+1 totally here for this too xux (love your codes btw Eggy!)

This user's account has been closed.

you didnt turn off the WYSIWYG editor like my rules state to do so it is breaking the code. turn off the editor in your display settings and paste in a fresh copy of the code to fix the issues

hello, i got the notification for an update to [freebie] rp comf. meme but when i try clicking on it i get "invalid character selected". is this a bug on my end or has it been taken down or something?

i had posted a message letting people know it would be retiring soon; the layout is now retired and now longer available

Hi Eggy! Sorry to bother and apologies if this has been asked before, but I've been having an issue trying to copy your freebie codes from pastebin - each time i've tried going to the site for any of the codes, or just attempt to go to pastebin itself, it gives me an error page saying "The site can't be reached." I asked a family member who's far more familiar with coding and all that and he told me it was a credential issue on pastebin's end, basically saying it's not secure. I hate mentioning the inconvenience, but thought I'd let you know since I'd love to be able to use your freebie codes again. very sorry again !!

I may be misunderstanding, but it states that the character photo should scale depending on screen size, however mine is far too large and cuts off a fair amount of the image.

I purchased your Focal set.

ex: https://toyhou.se/7857189.datura

What can I do to fix this issue?

you must apply the css to the page for it to work properly, i’m only seeing the html

*Facepalms* Thank you so much~ Lol


no, html for each bundle is intended to only be used with the bundle it’s sold with, used anywhere else it will not work properly as each css has specific bits of coding that goes with its html


Hey! I've purchased the Overview code, but I can't get the music player to work. I've tripple checked that the ID is correct, and replaced the entire piece of code once or twice. But when I view the profile, nothing happens if I hit the music button. Any suggestions? 

you have WYSIWYG turned on; as stated in my rules, turn it off in your display settings for my code to work proprerly: https://toyhou.se/~bulletins/40160.freebie-rules
please be sure to review my rules before using my content

once it is turned off paste a completely fresh copy of the code & it should work.

This was the problem initally - I've used the code for a little bit, and have kept the WYSIWYG off. But out of the blue, the music tab stops working. I haven't even touched that part, I've only added in textual info in the description part of the code.

i would need to see a live example to view the code

Hi eggy! So i have a question (hope you answer) how do you put a profile? I have some trouble with mine if you want to see it here https://toyhou.se/6699568.jackie

Can you buy a code for a friend? Like if you buy a code can you use it for your friend's Account?

yup that’s fine ! (if you’re buying for both of you to use then just double the payment)

Hi (_owo)_ Sooooo a couple months ago i saved in a word file one code for OC page of yours (don't remember how it called, maybe "checkered"?? I don't remember) but now when i try to find it's page I don't see anything similar on your profile here nor pastebin. Is there something wrong with this code and you don't want anyone to use it? Sorry for a strange question, i just want to make sure its okay to use it.

it’s been retired so i no longer offer it, but if you have your own copy you’re free to use it!

Hello! I’ve been trying to find a css code of yours that I’ve been using for my character profiles, but it seems to be missing. The code was css space themed, and was ftu! I’m sorry if this was a bother, thank you though!

that’s been retired and is no longer available ! (you’re free to keep using the copy you have tho)

(Sorry if this question has been answered before, I scrolled all the way down and saw nothing similar)

I'm unable to use PayPal/gumroad atm- would it be possible for me to get somebody else to purchase a code for me, and I just compensate them after (considering they don't use the code then)? Or do you have some rule against that?

yeah just have them write your account in the gumroad checkout!

Epic!! Just gotta find someone to help out now, thank you 


as a general note, for shop errors feel free to pm me with a title like "shop link broken" or something like that so i know its about an error, i only check comments every few days and luckily i was by chance checking today LOL but i got this all fix, thanks for telling me!


will you ever take dA points as a way of payment?

nope, i have no use for them


Hey, Egg!

Bit of a different inquiry than I'm sure you're used to, apologies if this has been asked before. Would you consider taking on payed html and css commissions?

on occasion i do take them if i like the design buti probs won't be open for a while...,i know this person does custom CSS & i think is open right now? https://toyhou.se/vincecarneiro
(their mother is sick right now so i think they're turn around time is a big slower while they deal with that, but if you PM them i'm sure they could discuss their options)

Ah, alright! I'll check them out, thank you


i have a userful resources hub here: https://toyhou.se/6614375.useful-websites


i don’t understand what your asking ... layouts aren’t just html/have no way of effecting security settings


Do you have a non-html account? Like maybe your art account, I noticed these amazing arts on the [Freebie] Directory Line, I was wondering if it yours!

I do not draw! I usually credit all template art via the gallery but I see I forgot to do it for that one OTL i'll get it updated this weekend so there are credits, thanks for pointing that out!

in the mean time tho the art is by (in order)
dreaming-witch: https://www.deviantart.com/dreaming-witch/
elfexar: https://www.deviantart.com/elfexar
sacchim: https://toyhou.se/Sacchim
clean-lady: https://www.deviantart.com/clean-lady

Are we allowed to use your templates to make other people character profiles and such? Paid through DA points.

if you mean make something to sell/mass distribute then no, that is not allowed. if you mean make something to be used by just a friend who isn't code saavy (so no mass distribution) then that's fine for freebie templates! it's also fine for paid templates as long as they have purchased the template before you edit it.

Can i add more lIkes, dislikes and relatonships on your html code? There are only 3 on each. 

yes; the very first question in this FAQ answers this

Ah, yes I see. Thank you very much!

Afahdkkcsa do you take commissions for custom css that will work with any html, both user and character? ;;;

i do not take customs. most the css in my “marching sets” category will work with HTML in general. i cannot gaurantee any CSS sheet would work with every HTML template not made by me; there’s too much variance in the way people make their HTML

Oooohh! Okay! Thank you so much for clearing that up!!

Hullo! I was wondering how you change the colors on the bottom on the palette thing on this template(I feel like this is a kind of coding question, I hope it's not though ;-; Sorry if it is) https://toyhou.se/6999521.-freebie-dreamy

you change the hex code for each swatch's background color

Oh okay, thank you ^^

Hello! I used to follow you for codes but also because your characters are just really cool and I love them... Do you have a toyhouse for your charas anymore? 

ah most the characters you see in these templates are not mine! if you check the template, somewhere in there it should credit the character & who it belongs to (o o)d if one is not clear i can direct you to them!

Ah I meant like your witches and stuff? Ingrid? 

(you are (formerly) wicked, right?)

this is absolutely not coding related but I need to know and could not locate you on discord LMAO mine's a disaster

https://toyhou.se/6045252.o1-fresh-9- what's the song on here? ;_;

LOL i find it very cute you asked ladfsd it's the "Say So" remix by Doja Cat, featuring Nicki Minaj: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=afkoJu2m9mg
(there's actually 2 versions of this remix... i greatly prefer the original one)

this is the original song/music vid if you like the song! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pok8H_KF1FA

jenxjdndjbdjs wait no yoU CANT MAKE ME FLUSTER---- but thank you so much!!! ;-; this song gave me good vibes and I absolutely had to ask.

Hello! I may be trying a little too hard, but I've been trying to add a background or at least the large image scale on the side on your https://toyhou.se/5662687.-freebie-scale, I'm not entirely sure what i'm doing wrong.

alright because I am big gumroad noob and don't know how to gumroad I need to ask this

if we bought something and it got updated, how do we get it? Because for me I bought the complex layout, Tabs, and it got updated recently, as I saw, but I apparently have to buy it again to get access to it. Is there any way I could get the updated version without having to pay again?

Again sorry for the hardcore noob question skksksks

you should be able to sign into gumroad with your purchase e-mail and it saves a library of your purchases. alternatively when you buy there is an email sent to you with a link to the download

if necessary you can PM your purchase e-mail and I can resend you the link to download

awesome! tysm for the help!

Hi ! Hello uh I've used your templates before and I know there's the forum we're supposed to comment on but I can't seem to find it and I've really been looking, I might just be tired and somehow missed it but I've re-read everything multiple times and still can't find the link ! If you could provide it to me that would be great thank you !

Saw your comment and decided to help ^^

Here is the forum link!

Thank you !

Hey there! Hope you don't mind my comment here - but I'm having a small issue with Gumroad right now, and cannot seem to purchase anything off the site - Is there a way of using PayPal directly and sending me the files?

tysm, and I'm sorry for the inconvenience!

if there is an issue with gumroad checkout, please file a ticket with their help desk to see if they can resolve it (sorry there is nothing i can do on my end).
as stated explicitly in my rules, i do not take payments via paypal. please be sure to be familiar with my rules before purchasing anything, thank you! https://toyhou.se/~bulletins/8675.css-html-shop-rules

I am familiar with your rules, I just wanted to check to see if there was anything you'd be able to do~ It, sadly seems like gumroad has no advice for me either, I'm gutted I won't be able to get anything then

Hello! Love your HTML <3

This may be simple but is there a reason that when using a tab-based theme, the page starts off on the last tab (typically the relationships section) instead of the first tab (about section)? If that doesn't make sense I can try to reword it.

Thank you!

none of my coding behaves this way as far as i know. if one them is doing this (as in my original, unedited code) please link me to the profile so i can look at it. otherwise this sounds like some sort of error with editing tabs.

Thank you for responding! So I haven't edited the tabs themselves on any of them, however it's possible something got mixed up. Below are a few examples of what I'm experiencing, including a link and then a screenshot of what it looks like when I go to that page without clicking anything.

Example 1: [ link ] [ screenshot ]

Example 2: [ link ] [ screenshot ]

Example 3: [ link ] [ screenshot ]

i can see in the source code the tabs have been edited. it's because you moved the active class

Do you have any resources that explains what part of the code needs to be fixed? My understanding of html is still pretty novice.

Hi I had a question about your tabs page theme! https://toyhou.se/3107567.o1-tabs-page-9- 

Is it possible to add more character sections to each tab of the relationship section? Every time I play with the html it kind of glitches and the characters stay on screen when the tab changes (I hope that makes sense ^.^') I'd like to add more characters to each box!

Sorry for the trouble! 

it is possible, you either need to stack them in one tab or make more tabs. it's up to you to write the html to do this

Hello, I've got a question! How do you add images into this: https://toyhou.se/1697638.-freebie-toggle I'm super dumb, So I have no clue xd Also I can't figure out how to change colours. I enter the hex code, but it doesn't seem to work.

paste the image url where it says "IMG URL"

that layout is not intended for custom colors. general examples of how to do custom colors can be found through various other freebies. toggle is not intended for this because it is impossible to set the toggle button colors without premium css

I'm late qwq Thank you!!

Hi, I have a quick question! Do you allow credit for your templates to be given via the "Additional Credits" feature or do you prefer the credit be displayed directly on the character profile itself?

i’d prefer directly on the template

Alright, thank you!

it appears to be working for me? if you have a specific issue you must explain it for me to assist


go into settings, into folders, select your child folders (not the parent folder but the ones within it), in the "folder style" drop down select "nested"


those are not nested folders; you can tell because the folder buttons appear up top. nested folders all display on the same page in the parent folder


the child folders need to be nested, not the parent folder

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Hello! I bought Float a while ago and was just wondering if I could have the new CSS for it or if I need to buy it again?

Currently using it on this profile

sure, i'll pm !

Awesome thank you!

I'm using one of your HTML profile templates and the links for DA and Tumblr aren't working. How do I get those to work correctly?

you need the http:// in front of your link

Thank you so much!

https://toyhou.se/3537339.-freebie-box-on-rox AAAAA I would like to use this free template, can you send me the code?

....i didnt make this LOL (also the link to the code is on the page)

I feel so dumb but I've not been able to figure this out- Sorry. How would I go about changing the character stats in the "Concise" code in the "About" tab?

change the %, the higher the number, the more right the bar goes