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I've deiced to make this a journal entry In hopes of attracting more attention.....

edit (09/2/2021)

updategot everything that remained inside the car backbut not the backpack that has my computervery susfeeling extremely upset because I saw It In the back seat before escaping the carughsee what our lawyer can dovery convenient  of them being like "oh nobody can check the stuff and we're putting them In garbage bags In safe keeping area"likesusthe car was In a spot nobody could see unless you where right on the very edge of the roadand there was zero signs of disturbance aka still covered In dust, no signs of It being removed by someone meddling with the doors or such
feel very privacy violated due to my pack pact containing my wallet with ID/Leaners license and computer (which I feel super dumb taking with me)

edit (08/20/2021) so the price estimate for a recovery crew Is $23,000 and more
highly unlikely that Insurance Company™️ will willing cover that amount
It'll be absolutely miraculous IF otherwise 

edit (08/17/2021)currently awaiting to hear If Insurance company will be covering the cost of recovery the car + our belongings or not. If paying out of pocket Is the only way then so be It I guess.high likely will be having or order a new phone, really hopping not my laptop as well (big regret brining It along now) 😭

our road trip barely lasted a whole day (aug 13)

was going so well (driving majority of the time)

until we reached the last stretch of steep winding, hair pin, road

until the 3 turn In the very first part, somehow hit the gas instead of brake and....

went flying off the road, car flipped 2 times before coming to a stop 100ft away from the road

father managed to get us out of the car despite suffering the worst (just discharged aug 15)

first car father flagged down, It was so difficult climbing back onto the road, brakes over heated so they flagged down another car to get us to Bella Coola hospital where stayed for a night before being flown out by a military plane (aug 14, first flight ever and was super nauseating)  late afternoon

our belongings was flung  everywhere...friends camping gear we where lent...omfg

gave the social worker a list of our belongings so she'll make sure that they're all collected once a tow-truck can make It up their to pull the wreck up

...just beside myself and self loathing rn--If you can spare any money please donate to my kofi  ( Buy elle a Coffee. )  will be sincerely appreciated. ♥︎✨


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