Design TOS

Posted 1 year, 2 months ago by sphxs

last updated 6/28/2022

- Unless directly stated otherwise, designs that are traded for art, characters or vouchers cannot be sold for monetary value. This will result in a warning if I find out, a blacklist if you are caught selling another
- Designs that are sold for money by me are eligible to be traded for whatever you wish, as well as money. If you do trade them, they will lose their monetary value and cannot be sold again.
- I can only ask that you do not drastically change the design of a character you adopt from me !! Simple, small changes are a-ok though!!
- Designs bought and resold for a higher price is only acceptable if there are extra art pieces or lore added onto the design. (Example: Design bought from me for 5$ is being resold for 15$ without any edits or art.. This is not allowed)

Custom Designs
- When receiving a custom from me, you are free to do whatever you wish with it; drastic changes and whatnot are not prohibited as long as I am credited as atleast one of the designers of the character

i'll think of more later . just kind of a barebones thing, let me know if you have questions n i can add them here!!!


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