Can i get with points? <3 and this one as well <3

Sure thing. Send me the points over on my deviantart page for both of the adopts you'd like please👍

Sent <3 

Can i snag <3 can do art of any ocs or if you like a character in my gallery let me know :3

Sure thing :) 

Hmm can you draw either of these two characters please? or

I can deff draw aurora ^^ ill get started today! <3 

Okay :) 

I have already put the adopt in pending for you :) 

Hello! I'm interested in adopting this one ^^

Sure thing :) 

Shall I send the paypal request straight away? 

Sure! If you need my paypal again it's invoice received

I also didn't notice them before but could I also get them too?

if yes just send the price along with the witch to my paypal invoice ^^

Sure thing :) 

It will be £6.50 total

sent the payment! tysm!

Thank you!

 sent them over to you :) 

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Okay :)
It will be 450 :points:  

and the last one you have to draw to own her ^^'

That’s completely fine. I can send over the points and start drawing the DTA tonight once I’m not so busy. :) 

Points have been sent. 

Thank you :) I will send the adopts over :) 

no prob. :) 

You can give the DTA to someone else. Sorry. 

No worries.