Ok so..i didnt really wanna post this cause i feel alittle uncomfortable and worried? No its not about the rent this time but its kinds worse cause its a omega wammy..

I know everyone helped so much as it is but this is different and ive been crying and just everything is horrible and I NEED EMERGENCY HELP IM SORRY FOR ASKING BUT PLEASE READ..

I dont really wanna make it LONG csuse i know people tend to not truely read or bother to read they just look through it and act like they read. So im gonna try to make it short..please bare with me cause its hard on me as it is..

Ok so you guys know that my husband had covid and could not go back to work for two weeks right? Yes he was out of work for 2 weeks but he was able to go back to work monday this week cause he recovered btw..ok fine and dandy right?

I told the people i pay my car with i guess finacial company or whatever when you buy a car from a car delership place? Idk its my first ever car and i had no issues with it like i said bare with me lol so i told them "hey i dont have the money to pay my husband has covid had it for two weeks but will go back to monday and i can pay you guys monday and extra just in case if needed for fees" they said ok sure call us that day and pay we will make sure your taken care of.

Ok cool nothing to worry about so my husband went to work monday and got his money right? We paid the car payment on that exact day and afterwords me and my husband went to celebrate his recovery to go see a movie which was Vemon: Let There Be Carnage and it was 10/10 recommend seeinf that btw! It was an hour long we got there at between 6:45-7:00pm..after we was done with the movie and went to the parking lot..our car was GONE from the parking space my first thought was "omg did someone break into my car somehow and stole it?!" But then i thought to my self no we both have our keys and locked the car..so i assume ok maybe i didnt park here and lost my damn mind..nope wrong again..i was freaking out more and asked a stranger i thought worked at the theaters and of course no she didnt work there..i asked her this..


Lady: Oh you mean that yellow jeep that got toed away an hour ago? Yeah i seen it! Everyone else was watching and saw it. Was that your car? you should talk to a manager in the theaters to report i think someone told them

(Which they fucking didnt btw)


So i ran to the corner of the building and called them asking where the fuck is my car and why did you repoe it i fucking paid you guys wrote in notes i was ok and can pay monday yada yada..GET THIS they have the info i did pay but the problem was they wanted a specific TIME which they never told me one to pay and so that car payment was for fucking nothing and they still repoed it and LIED TO ME i raised so much hell too..

ME AND MY HUSBAND WAS AN HOUR AWAY HOME AND LEFT STRANDED UNTILL 7:45PM TO 12:30-12:45AM!!!! we literally had to ask around for a ride untill someone nice enough gave us $50 for a lfyt ride home which costed that much and was our second option we had the money but didnt want to spend cause it was for my pet and groceries..

Oh thats not all..OUR APARTMENT KEYS WAS IN THE CAR AND WE WAS LOCKED OUT OF OUR APARTMENT FOR 3 HOURS to the point where we had to pay $150 JUST FOR A LOCK SMITH OR WHATEVER TO DESTROY OUR APARTMENT DOOR LOCK AND GIVE A NEW ONR JUST TO GET IN TO OUR APARTMENT! all that money is GONE and was ridiculous (yes they gave us a new one and temp keys for that untill the apartments can..well put their lock on it and give us new keys again that goes to THEIR locks..

So everything was shit and horrible tuesday we had to stay up all night and morning just to call 10 diff people and that was bad as it is..oh and another riduclous thing is that its free to get my personal belongings but they want me to pay total $3,327,27 TO GET MY CAR OUT! WHICH IS BS CAUSE I PAID ON TIME! dont ask me how cause i pay my shit on time with the car and georgias law shit is bullshit do not live in Georgia or even be born here for christ sake..

Get this..this is also worse and doesnt help..


either i pay $3,327.27 or the lowest they gave me $2,230.27 IN 10 DAYS OR ILL LOSE MY CAR FOR GOOD!

I need my car but my husband needs it more for his job with out it we are fucked. Its bad enough hes gonna loose his job today or tomorrow cause he cant come into work cause now we dont have the car and he uses the car for his job its not just driving to work he has a driving job..

If he looses his job that means no money, whuch means csnt get the car back, also means we cannot pay the bills or rent, which also means WE WILL BE HOMELESS AND WE ARE FUCKED and i mean we are absolutely fucked and not to mention I HAVE TO GIVE MY CAT AWAY SO IM LOOSING MY CAT TOO APPARENTLY cause someone wants to be a nosey bitch and call animal control cause now i cant buy my cat food or litter now and almost got in trouble for "rejecting/amandoment" so that doesnt help at all..

Also wensday (yesterday for me) i been trying to call all morning and day to go and get my persoal belongings out of my car cause i have my apartment keys and mail box keys plus importsnt personal paperwork and more in my car..what happens? Nah they ignore my phone calls or hang up on me to take me to voice mail and they were OPEN! So i couldnt even get my shit out of my car!! Aint that wonderful? I couldnt even get the paperwork for the payment and more cause of it..FANTASTIC RIGHT?

Oh and also you guys wont be seeing me anymore on here or anywhere cause i wont have a phone or my laptop..and i dont wanna lose anyone on here or dissapear and thats what might happened..

ALSO BEFORE ANY OF YOU SAY ANYTHING! yes i had cops invovled, they cant do nothing, i tried lawyers but i dont have money to get one and i do not qualify for one for free, no i do not have family to go to or help me, the car dealership cant do nothing either or get my money back either, no i cannot rent a car you be paying $39-$100 a day for one, no i cannot buy a car for $500 down places like those are scams and shady here, no i csnt go to court about it, husbsnd cant do nothing about it, i cant do nothing about it, NO ONE CANNOT DO ANYTHING ABOUT THIS OR GIVE A SOLUTIONS! so please do not give one or tell me cause everyone i did everything i could and so did my husband ok and no he doesnt have family either. I will hide your comment cause WE CANNOT DO NOTHING ABOUT IT! im sorry to dissapoint you but no one cant help with solutions or advices..i thought i make this clear.

I dont know hoe the fuck i can come up with momey in 10 days..i might actually be fucked..*sighs*

10 Days to get the money amd car out.

Amount i need is $3,327.27 or $2,230.27.

If you guys can donate, commission me, or share that would be appriciated or feel free to ignore.

Paypal: paypal.me/KristinaDavis21 or [email protected]

Commission prices ranges from $15-$45, $5 extra per character, simple background free, semi detailed background $10, detailed background $15.

Thank you all for reading and have a good day.


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