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Wildren are fae creatures with the purpose of watching over the various spheres of elemental, mystical and natural magic of their world. While every Wildren is naturally attuned to a certain element of nature at birth, their strongest attunement is dictated by the element they are surrounded by or most powerfully drawn to in their formative years (usually the first 10 years of their life.)
It is said that the Wildren are descendants of men, elves and other races that used druidic magic to fight back ancient evils thousands of years ago. Other stories say they are permanently caught between human and werewolf transformation and that it was spread as a magical curse resulting from overuse of such powers.

Attunements may be general in scope, or very specific. While some elements are considered sub-elements of others, the Wildren is considered attuned to the sub-element.
The mere presence of a Wildren near their physical attunement keeps the balance of nature in tune. A Wildren is happiest near a physical manifestation of their element.

  • Crystal - Minerals, Crystals
  • Earth - Stones, Gems, Sand
  • Water - Oceans, Water, Rivers
  • Sun - Sun, Sunlight, Warmth
  • Fire - Ash, Flames
  • Steel - Metals
  • Life - Healing, Growth
  • Death - Rot, Decay
  • Stars/Moon - Stars, Starlight, Moon, Moonlight, Space
  • Abyss - Darkness, Deep Sea, Void
  • Crows - Literally crows.
  • Hollow - Nothingness, Dust, Emptiness. This is extremely rare and is currently the only attunement that is an Exotic trait.
  • And more.

The "Hollow" is a curse of emptiness and entropy brought upon all worlds the Wildren inhabit. It seeks to turn all elements into nothingness. A Wildren "Cursed" with the element of Hollow is not strictly bound to the will of the Hollow and can not spread it themselves except in cases where the Wildren has chosen to learn how (however, it is known to "speak" to them at times). Though they are often looked upon with distrust, they are just like other Wildren, though their skin and pelt is desaturated. Their eyes are always silver or red.
An element touched by the Hollow will turn to dust. The older the object, the longer it will take, but it is destined to crumble. Wildren scholars and magic-crafters study relentlessly to find ways to combat or cure the Hollow.

In places where the Hollow has taken over completely can occur an anomaly known simply as the Nothing. A rip in space time similar to a black hole. No one has ever come back from entering the Nothing and so no one knows where it leads.

Wildren resemble adlets from mythology or, more colloquially, resemble "wolf-fauns". Their torso appears mostly humanoid, with their limbs being covered in fur. Their legs are wolven (or feline, depending on who you ask) in appearance. Most iconic are their fluffy manes growing from their upper back and shoulders. Most Wildren have a mane, but many may choose to clip theirs short.



  • ▲ Wildren who have chosen to live in modern settlements or cities and leave the wilds behind are called "pets" (And sometimes 'primren') by wild Wildren. It's often derogatory.
  • ▲ Likewise, "Wild" Wildren are called often called 'feral' by city-dwelling Wildren.
  • ▲ Naming Conventions; Wildren first names can be nouns, exotic and completely fantastical or relatively mundane. Surnames are often nature related. (e.g. Hightail, Redweather, Silverclaw, Falconer)
  • ▲ Wildren are very sensitive to dominance hierarchies. It's common to be respectful of those in authority, but it's equally common for power-clashing to occur. In other words, your ability to be proficient in what you do is judged highly in your respective community.
  • ▲ It is often trendy to clip your mane, tail or fur in various styles.
  • ▲ There is no centralized government or true royalty (though Wildren may self-proclaim themselves) among Wildren. Instead, they ally themselves into groups of hierarchies that ultimately are led by an alpha (or alpha-prime if it is especially large.) These "packs" can function like tribes, corporations or companies, militaries or communities and might only sparingly cooperate with each other.
  • ▲ Vallencourt, once the city of light elves, has since been swallowed by the Hollow, resulting in their population moving in with the dark elves of Netherrath. The tension has eased over time, though scholars work tirelessly to try and recover the crumbling city.





Q: Do you do customs/MYOs?
Yes! MYO events happen every so often.
I take customs in very limited numbers.

Q: Do Wildren have a canon world?
Wildren originally come from a place known as "The Garden World."
They are able to leave by any magical (or technological) means, but many choose to stay.

Q: May I use my MYO to turn an existing character into a Wildren?
Yes, you may.

Q: Can my Wildren have horns/wings?
Currently only Djinn bloodlines possess horns and wings.

Q: Can my Wildren be intersex/nb/whatever?
Your Wildren can be anything you want.

Q: Are Wildren included in the species benefits on your Patreon?
At the moment, no. They are completely closed and are not one of my Patreon-open Species.

Q: Can I resell my MYO ticket?
Yes, you may always resell your MYO tickets for the price you paid. Designed MYOs follow my regular TOS.

Q: Can I draw their digi-legs more humanoid?
Yes, I'm not strict. Provided they are still furred so as to align with the species, you can make the legs more plantigrade/human.

Adopt ToSToSMYO Rules


Hi, this is my my first Wildren so sorry if this question comes off dumb/I'm missing something but I only want to make sure!
But anyways do they have to stay in the canon world? I assume not with the "They are able to leave by any magical (or technological) means, but many choose to stay." part but I just wanna be clear on that. Then uh how would relationships work? Are they free to pair up with different CSs?

Apologies, I rarely own CSs and I know some are strict so not sure if this is the case! Certainly doesn't seem like it but I wanna careful and not screw up lol btw I love these species, they're so pretty, especially Felix!

You are not required to adhere to the canon. :) I am not strict.

Alrighty, thank you so much!

For the Thoronir bloodline are the wings only extra appendages attached to their backs or is it possible to do harpy-style wings where the wings = the arms?

Hey, sorry! Only on the back!

No problem, thank you!

Wait so.. For the event, if we unlock an extra rare trait can we use that to unlock the thoronir bloodline? And will doing so allow us to use all the traits for that, or only one? For example, I can have feathered wings on the wildren, but not the feathered tail or feathered mane, those have to be normal.

You can only unlock one bloodline to be your MYO's bloodline and any traits you'd like from another bloodline of the same rarity or higher will cost a trait. If you unlocked a bonus trait from referrals, you'd be able to choose up to two traits from another bloodline. If you got a rare ticket and chose Thoronir as their bloodline, you can have all the traits associated with that bloodline.

So if I picked Wolver as my bloodline and have a rare trait from my referral, I can give him horns from the Djin bloodline to count as the rare trait?

Hi! Yes you can!

Sweet tysm! <3

This is correct.

Hello! Hope you don't mind but I have a few questions.

So, for Thoronir traits, are the wings always a more raptor-like? Like the wings shown, with the claws on the bend? Or could they be without that (like wings on a bird/avian thing)?

I also wanna make sure I understand traits and bloodlines correctly. So, a when you pick a bloodline (given you have access to its rarity,) those traits do not count towards your trait limit? However, if you pick from outside its bloodline then it would? Such as if I make a Thoronir that will just count as a rare bloodline but if I also give it horns from the Djinn bloodline then that would take up a rare trait? I just wanted to make sure I understood everything correctly. ha ha

They don't NEED to have the claws, but most do as they're meant to be hybrid doggo/cat wings and less so bird wings and so I'd encourage folks to stick to that but if you really don't like it, I won't force you. :)
As for the Bloodline, you're correct. The bloodline is separate from the trait credit that comes with your ticket. I know it's a bit convoluted but it was the easiest way for me to implement all these traits. :( But you have it exactly! If you pick from another bloodline it will count against your trait credit. Like the example you described.

Thank you so much for the quick reply! I gotcha, though, and that makes sense! I'm just surprisingly horrible at paws (LOL) and much better at just plain feathers so I had been wondering but I'll definitely keep what you said in mind and try and fit it in if I decide to go with that trait! As for bloodlines/traits, awesome! It's honestly not too confusing and, really, I'm quite fond of it since it allows for more traits then would normally be allowed for species if they just said "just one rare trait" or whatever so I really like the whole bloodline thing since it gives a few to pull from! v w v /

I thought so too :)! Glad you agree.

Hey! Back with another question, sorry!

I'm curious, I notice most all ears are placed more the side of the head, even the "wolver" ones. I'm wondering if this is the set placement of ears? Or would it be possible for ears to be more on top of the head (like more classic kemono sort)?

Also, about ears, are a more "big cat", "round" type available or are the more canine, "wolver" ones the only more animal-type ears available? Thanks you and hopefully my questions made sense, let me know if they didn't though! ; w; /

Hiya, no, the ears come out of where they were before the transformation, sorry. :(
Rounded, big cat ears are perfectly possible for Wolver-type ears, though!

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Slides up in here with another question
Do the Esper and Huli Jing tails only come the way theyre pictured or can they be shaped/styled like any of the other's are? ie an tailmaw esper or the floofiest poodle huli jings

Those are just examples, they can be any tail type. :)

Hey, I notice that the Wolver have their own things now, is it alright if I adjust mine to add those in? Also, are red eyes restricted to Hollow attunement?

Red eyes are not restricted to Hollow, anyone can have them! Unfortunately, previously designed MYOs cannot be changed/added to but if your previous MYO is still undesigned, then feel free to use the new Wolver stuff. :D

I frel like I'm really slow here but... are blue traits common and green ones uncommon?

Heya, Other way around. Green is Common, Blue is Uncommon, Red is Rare, Orange is Exotic.

Okay thank you!!!

Ooohhh this species is just right up my ally :O when will the next myo open?

The last one was recent so not for a little bit, sorry. :( Feel free to join the discord and see if anyone is selling.

:o such a lovely Species <3 I’m soooo gonna need to get one or two XD ((one for myself and another for my Husband))

thank you so much! <33

No p

Aaaa i love this species already!!!!! Can't wait for the next event <3!!!

thank you so much!!

Okay so just to be clear, I got a tiefling wildren slot from the previous MYO event; are they just called Djinn Tieflings now? They're still the same otherwise? :Y

They're precisely the same. :) The name was a placeholder. They're Djinn Wildren.

Understood, thank you!!

A quick question about Djinn, is a darker skin tone a requirement of the bloodline? Or does it vary? Just wanna make sure I stay true to the bloodline~

Nope, any skintone is fine. :)

Thank ya~ ♥

I just found this species and I hope you have another MYO event sometime soon, because I would love to nab one!

Yes actually there is has been one planned for after Christmas so hopefully tomorrow

Aw hell yeah, I'm gonna keep an eye out for it for sure :)

Thank you! <3

Do all the teifling wildren have wings like the adopts batch you made, or are those an optional/rare/uncommon trait among that specific kind o:

They're optional but yeah, most Tiefling/Djinn Wildren will have demon/draconic wings. They count as part of the race package and don't count against your traits. Same with Orc tusks, etc.

Questions: (I'm so sorry! oi!) 1) Would just being a teifling count as having (being) 1 rare trait? Or are they restricted to "exotic". 2) Are unnatural (not human) skin colors restricted to hollows (& maybe teiflings?) or are elves & orcs also allowed to have odd skin colors?

Thank so much you for your time!

Elves and orcs are absolutely able to have "odd" skin colours. Being a tiefling/Djinn would count as a rare trait, yes. An orc would be uncommon, etc, as per the rarities listed on the species info. Currently the only "exotic" trait would be hollow attunement or technically just a wildren with many uncommon or above traits. ^^ I hope this answers your questions and feel free to ask if you have more.

Thank you! I appreciate it!

Q: When it comes to Tieflings, what traits are specific to them other than horns?

The horns. The species that each wildren has as it's base usually only provides one unique aspect to set them apart. Like elves and their ears, orcs and their tusks, etc. Tiefling wildren more commonly have the devil tail but they can have others.

A friend just showed me this species and I've fallen in love <3 Super keepin' an eye out for future adopts and MYO events !

You're in luck, the halloween MYO event starts tonight. :0 Also thank you!!

o SHIT my timing is on point. I'll keep my eyes peeled then !

! Thanks for the link! I'll hopefully be around tomorrow to claim a rare (or hopefully exotic if my paycheck is kind) slot !

^^b Thank you for the interest either way!

Q: What is aging like for Wildren? (i.e.: At what age would they reach "adulthood", etc.?)

Hopefully asking here is okay u v u

They age quickly (Reaching "adult" size and maturity in their early-to-mid teens) but their average lifespan can be hundreds of years. 200-250 is average, I'd say.
Asking here is perfectly fine. :D I plan to add more to the FAQ soon.

I’m gonna need one of these I’m so sorry my precious wallet 

I'm excited for the trial MYO event! uwu

aaa i just came across these fellas!! they look super cool :o

Thanks!! I plan to add some more soon. <3

would love to see it <3 if myos ever happen i would love to have one of these floofs 

MYOs will happen. ^o^ Hopefully very soon. thanks!

i'll keep an eye out for em when they do!! yw!

This species is like 100% must have Q_Q

Gwaaah Thanks!! Def wanna start making more. T_T Every time I make one I'm like "wow, one of my fave designs I've ever made. thanks me"

Literally me with adopts.. Thus why I don't make em XDDDD 

Keep up the good work oki? ; w; b

bless ya, thanks! :D

:eyes: I love these dang I really hope I can snag one


Everybody's talking about how great and majestic this species is ( WHICH THEY ARE ) but can I just say
The expression on the Razor style mane
is just my faVORITE thing?
+ v+

lmfao that's the most majestic part. xD

Ooooh they are fae!!! I love love love them! Do you have any idea how much you might open customs for in the future so I know how much to save? ;v;

Oh cool! The FAQ was a bit hard to read on my phone so I must have overlooked it.

EDIT: Oh, but I am reading... I was wondering on a price point so I could save. I saw that it was being considered with interest shown as well as expressed on their FA... ;x;

I'm glad you like them :3 <3 I haven't thought as far ahead as price yet. Likely my standard commission prices but I may, if I make these to sell, do a promo price for the first few.

Aaah, ok! ;w; I cant wait to see more of these cuties~

again you created an awesome specie <3 they are fantastic !


these are awesome! I love they, they sound and look so amazing!

thank you very much!

Aaah, I love them!
They're so cool and they are so cool and so aesthetically pleasing to look at ♡♡♡ 

Thank you!!

Ohh I really really like this species a lot. Maybe someday I'll be able to get one.

Thank you muchly! Perhaps! ;v;b

oh my gosh i absolutely adore these guys so much

Thank you so much 8D! the beaans


:D thanks!!

oh man id LOVE to see more of these/ have a chance to get one! theyre gorgeous sigjdrlhtjh 

gwahhh thanks!!

Thank you so much!!


thanks nerd

I'm obsessed with these and hope to see more soon!! ; u;<333

Thank you! There are more on the way ;v;b

oh man these are fantastic <3 can't wait to see these guys start popping up in your art. I absolutely love them.

thank you!!

Oh no, I am already in love, ahhhh! I love the full mane look!

thank you! <3