When I post this bulletin, I'll get started on uploading a new trove of pics and other fun stuffs! :^}

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What's in this jumble?
- A few Spotify "soundtracks" to my stories - music I collect and listen(ed) to while brainstorming or drawing story bits, or to reminisce!
Check the tag to see em all!
- Updates for 👟Sun Sprain, my newest story concept (title may change!) + folder update! Check it out to see the summary I've got going for it :^}c
- Some misc. concept art for other stories. Yahoo!

Hope you enjoy it all! I'd love to hear whatcha think!


sun sprain sounds like such an intimate story! im excited to read more about it ^^ also fun to see some norwegian representation :D!!

it absolutely will be!!! >:^}c and aw heck yeah!! happy to provide UvU

ooooo i love soundtracks i cant wait to give these a listen!!!!

thank you omg!! <3 i hope they are a Quite Good Vibe!