Cute Tober update!

Posted 1 year, 1 month ago by commanderskeeper

Basically on my other social media platforms I have been posting artworks following the prompt list by Oceans in Space. 

Some of these ladies I want to turn into prints but not all of them so I am going to post them on here as adoptables or as characters I'm going to keep for myself. 

Each will be £10 each as its a full coloured illustration of the character and they take me a while to do. 

There will be delay in the end of the month posting as I have a season job for Halloween :) 

update: I have posted all the artworks I have done for cutetober and the ones on here are open for adoption :) 


Damnit PayPal with the sneaky fees 

Okay I'll send the vampire lady over to you.

I'd would accept art for the other lady too btw ☺️

Just as an idea 😅

Sure thing :) 

What's your paypal? 

sent the paypal request to you <3 

Tbh I thought you would get the vampire lady tbh ^^'

Im a sucker for vampires and demons/devils 👀❤ ill pay when i get home <3 

Payment sent!

O sent both other since you were literally only like a £1 off anyways so here is a little freebie for you 😅❤️

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