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I will work mostly first-come, first-serve, but if something catches my inspiration I WILL skip queue a bit to get things done as speedily as possible. Commissions are aimed to be finished within 1 month of acceptance. I will send an invoice for payments, which is why I ask for your paypal Email. For commissions over $30 I require half payment upfront. For commissions over $100 I will accept payment plans, linked to WIP shots, but you will not get the finished, full res piece until I have been paid in full.

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  • cute
  • females
  • fluffy critters
  • anthro

Won't Draw

  • NSFW
  • gore
  • bulky men
  • racist/derogatory

Samples & Prices

tumblr_omeui1y5Yq1qzs55do1_500.png tumblr_omeui1y5Yq1qzs55do3_500.png

Half Body

Up to the waist, good for generating avatars or use for profiles.

  • Lines: $30
  • Flat colors: $35
  • Shaded: $50 (cel or soft shaded)
tumblr_omeui1y5Yq1qzs55do4_1280.png tumblr_omeui1y5Yq1qzs55do9_r1_1280.png

Full Body

Pinup style full body to show off character design. Can come with no/transparent BG or with a simple BG.

  • Lines: $50
  • Flat color: $65
  • Cel shaded: $75
  • Soft shaded: $80
OuBxbdP.png Cafegal.png


Unique posed chibi of your character. There's two styles for these!

  • Scribble: $15 (approx 600px)
  • Flat color: $30 (approx 1200px)
  • Shading: +$5
  • Complex Design: +$5
tumblr_pj05rsW6921qzs55do2_250.png tumblr_pj05rsW6921qzs55do4_250.png

Token Avatars

600px Headshot image in a hexagonal frame as pictured. I can tint the colors of border/background slightly.

  • With visual references: $35
  • Without visual references: $40

Character Sheets

Prices of full body as listed above, these are addons! If you have other ideas/requests for your commission, feel free to ask for a personalized quote.

  • Extra Clothing Layers: $10 per layer, unshaded
  • Character Sheet Layout: $10-20 depending on complexity


Please fill out this form when requesting a commission, and email it to [[email protected]]! I will send an invoice for payments, which is why I ask for your paypal Email.


Name: ---

Contact Info: (twitter/tumblr handles, will be used when displaying the finished art on social media to credit you!)

Comm type: ---

Paypal Email: ---

Refs: ----



  1. 6 chibi group
  2. 2 full body shaded
  3. 3 stubby chibis
  4. 2 stubby chibis (giveaway)
  5. ---

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