Alot of adopts still open

Posted 1 year, 19 days ago by commanderskeeper

Looking for:
- Money (Paypal) 

- Artwork 

- clothing for characters

- virtual currency - deviantart points 

Not interested in: 

- Characters - as I have alot i need to go through already probably shouldn't add to my growing list D: 

I also have ocs in this folder that I'm not very attached to so I will accept offers on them too:



Sure thing 🤔

Not sure which character I would pick for you to draw though tbh 😅


Okay we'll pick an oc from the folder above please 🙂


Okay :)

Thanks for the update :) 


No worries 

Thanks for the update 👍

wondering if i can get her with DA points?

sure thing :) 

Can you use this widget to pay please :)

sent ^^