asdfghjk girl help [comms/customs?]

Posted 6 months, 6 days ago by zinnia

life is beating the shit out of me rn this sucks man

so like. ignoring the fact that my body is trying to kill me i'm having trouble with my good buddy p*ypal. as in i no longer live in the united states or use usd. so i'm like 'ok' and do meticulous planning for money but what i didnt account for was fees

anyways pp took a fucking massive fee from an already large transaction and threw all that in the garbage so uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. help

im not in immediate danger money wise but making up for what paypal ate for lunch would be nice

usual comms (art, writing, 3d) are open and retain their usd prices. i also am gonna start doing pokemon style comms for humans ($27) and pkmn trainer sprite semiedits ($7, the example is around 50% scratched)


i'd also be willing to do custom trainers / gijinkas in this style in a sort of 'package' that come with initial design doodle, sprite, and pkmnstyle fullbody for $50

while ill try to work as fast as possible, keep in mind i am very much also experiencing an ongoing medical emergency and timing could be unpredictable but i'll always keep updated

aaaaaand if you're feelin generous i still have my kofi 

(also pls dont worry if i have yet to pay for a comm from you, i have that accounted for)


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