Adoptable Rules

Posted 4 years, 6 months ago by puppymisha

a D O P T   R U L E S


  • If you decide to resale, you must only sale for as much as you paid for, UNLESS your adopt has extra art. 

  • When reposting , please feel free to credit me here along with my other sites with a LINK to any of my accounts listed above.

  • If you are blacklisted, please do not try to block evade or have a friend purchase a design for you.  Doing this will result in you and said parties being blacklisted FOR GOOD.

  • If your plans is to use my adopts as trade fodder RIGHT AWAY, I would prefer if you did not purchase/wait. There are people who have wanted my adopts for A LONG time and have yet to get any because my adopts have been bought up and traded away to unknown sources.

  • Trading adopts is allowed but please notify me of the new owner of said adopt so I can put it in my records.

  • If you recieve a adopt from me, I encourage you to join the group on here & telegram and from there you can buy/trade in a environment that's safe & fun!

Thank you so much!

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I so want to join this group. I would love to get one of yoir designs.

O: You have a group here?!

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