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Please use the tags to navigate my characters for whatever purpose you need--I do my best to keep them as updated as possible. ^_^ A simple guide on what these tags mean can be found below--if a tag isn't in this guide odds are that I received the character with it and haven't removed it yet.

Tag Key:

Useful for Roleplayers Seeking Romantic Relationships:

single - the character is romantically single and open for romantic ships
taken - the character is romantically taken and is not open for romantic ships
unavailable - the character is romantically unavailable and is not open for romantic ships (generally characters that aren't interested in ships)

Useful for Artists and Roleplayers
humanoid - the character has a humanoid design (kemonimimis and alien-esque creatures also fall under this category)
feral - the character has a feral design
anthro - the character has an anthromorphic/furry design
familiar OR species - the character is a familiar of a different character of mine or is a monster / wild species in my lore. feral or monster designs.
male - the character is male
female - the character is female
non-binary - the character is non-binary

Useful for those looking to buy or trade:

forum game - self explanatory. Character is from a forum game and is trade only.
needs-character - May also part with this. Ask privately whether I can sell or trade them (and if I'm willing to part with them).

My Personal-Use Tags

plot-info - plot info page or a character page dedicated to my worldbuilding lore. not a character.
needs-profile - characters needs a profile (has character, probably just need to bring it over from a different site + do layout stuff)
needs-design - character needs a design. characters with designs that have this tag need designs for their alternate forms
needs-character - the design needs a character
needs-revamp - design needs revamped or consolidated from multiple references. usually small tweaks, or just needs updated art. May consider new designs for them if something fits perfectly, but it's unlikely.

Characters UFT Tentative UFT Characters who need Revamps

What I'm Looking For

General Preferences

These are just things that I think are pretty cool. I'm not necessarily actively seeking all of these things but I'm always open to looking at designs that might inspire something within my worlds and lore, such as new characters or new species. ^_^ 

* humanoids (no plain designs though, please~)
* angels / demons
* kemonomimis
* unique designs and one offs
* high fantasy species and influenced designs
* general fantasy inspired designs and species, especially with fancy clothing
* sci-fi, cyberpunk, steampunk influenced designs
* mecha and robot designs
* feral monsters and unique species and creatures
* victorian, edwardian, and romantic gothic inspired designs and clothing (think Castlevania)
* light gore and dark fantasy designs
* a LOT of things--if you've got designs for trade or sale, show me~

NOT interested in:

* dollmakers of any kind
* anything made with a base (may make exceptions)
* any generic feral designs (not interested in sparkledogs or anything similar)
* most furries
* most closed species or anything with strings attached

Specific Designs

These are for characters that I already have in mind or have profiles for somewhere. I'll be fairly picky with some and less picky with others, as far as finding the perfect design goes. May be interested in ordering customs but idk--if it comes to that I could probably just design and draw them myself lol. 

- monochrome elegant demon girl design with angelic wings (yeaahh, I'm probably going to end up just designing this girl) [ Acedia ]
- anthro elegant snow-leopard inspired design [ Aria ]
- some kind of rabbit-creature/feral design (preferably not just a rabbit) [ Arlo ]
- "wild" / scruffy looking young male design, suiting of a werewolf. ashen / fiery color scheme preferred [ Xander ]
- young man with brown hair and gold eyes. preferably kinda tribal? [ Ciaran ]
- celestial  / starry / space wolf design [ Kin ]
- plague doctor design, preferably one with light armor or fancy attire of some sort [ Famine ]
- white stag design, bonus if ghostly or otherworldly in some manner [ Conformity ]
- eastern dragon with a fiery color scheme [ Silas ]
- qilin / kirin design [ Seb ]
- light element inspired deer design [ Sindre ]

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