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Oh phew, I think I got all the old rp stories uploaded now! It took ages, but at the same time it was nice to return to some of those very nostalgic moments. It was also cool to compare the total word counts of each character: Reliam was the winner of that contest, Mirada being the rather close second.

It also reminded me that I don't think I've ever mentioned it, but even these days I am technically open for roleplaying. I think the five year break I've had has finally gotten me out of the serious writing burn out that I managed to dig myself into. =D So, if anyone ever gets interested in writing some rps with me, here are some notes on what I can do!

  • I can write in Finnish or in English. As I'm a native Finnish speaker that of course comes out much more fluently than anything else, but I think I can get my point across rather well in English, too.
  • I prefer to rp in 3rd person & past tense. Some exceptions can be made, for example writing text messages between characters can be fun, but in normal situations I'd like to stay in that format.
  • Right now I'd prefer to write pretty short messages, ranging from a few sentences to couple of paragraphs. I used to be able to write really long messages back in the day, buuuut as that only lead to the burn out I'd rather not go back to that habit too soon.
  • I have no preference about writing speed. I can do online sessions if our schedules match as well as slower paced games.
  • About platforms, hmmh... I honestly am not sure where I'd like to write these days. I don't use Skype or Discord though, so they are out of question. I could use forums, PMs or idk Google Doc maybe? Anything where the whole game can be saved neatly in one place should be good!
  • I'm generally very much fine with writing violence and smut. Though there are some characters with limitations, such as Esk: they are eternal spirits without sex characteristics, so they aren't going to fit into bloody battles nor steamy nights.
  • I appreciate good rp manners: keeping characters in-character, not doing auto hits on other player's characters, obeying the rules of the universe and so on. I'm okay with playing with newbies, as long as they are not trying to play rude!

And then about what characters I could rp with:

  • Right now I'd be most willing to rp with any characters from Those Who Went Missing, Flight Rising, Hitoverse or Tytoninx folders (+ maybe Samir). The most ideal situation would of course be if I could get other characters from those same universes to play with, but as that might be impossible I can consider also playing random encounters with other sort of characters.
  • I'm not sure how that would go, but I could also use characters from Andriaana, Pokemon Unknown and Saga's Pokémon Saga folders. The problem with that is that I've used to rp with most of those characters long time ago, so I have no idea how well I could get back into the mind of these characters after all these years.
  • Characters from other folders are more or less off limits. You can ask, sure, but I will likely decline.

(EDIT) Here's the most recent thing I've written in case someone is interested in my writing style. It's not in rp format, but a single rp message edited out from it could be for example something like this:

Getting something concrete to do finally pulled Carran out of her stupor. Quietly she let Marus crawl to his back and started to limp away from the bloody field. Maybe when they had rested a bit she’d come back to collect some sort of trophy from the carcass, a few feathers and possibly some bones, but now she just needed to get the Fae to safety. It was all she really cared for, all she felt like she would ever want.

Suddenly the Guardian stopped to her tracks.

“I have… Found my charge”, she mumbled.


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