Authorized Characters

Posted 6 months, 15 hours ago by Catfeine

I've set my characters to Authorized only due to the recent character theft for NFTs

If you aren't authorized feel free to comment


I don't know if I'm allowed to ask to be authorized because I'm just a random person.. ;v;

Sure hun! Done c:

Thank you, you have pretty OC's! :3

Thank you dear! ♥

Id love to be authorized as well please!

Done ♥

Id love to be authorized if possible!

You already are ^^

Oh thank you!!

Sahlt Kreideprin-z Yumemin Chibiaero 

You've all been authed! ♥

i’d like to be authorized 😊

I’d love to be authoized if you’re comfortable with that!


I would like to be authorized