Dear Lovely Friends and Followers;

Posted 3 years, 9 months ago by tigeus

Why are you favoriting Josh, DON't ENCOURAGE HIM OR ME, thank you, 

Love, Tiger




He and you are SUPERB



Um, hello??? I love Josh???? He's such a complex and interesting character and the more I see him the more powerful I become, one day I will have enough power to surround him in kittens and make him SMILE FOR ONCE, GOSH DANGET 

That and also? Love his design/concept. OF COURSE PEOPLE GOTTA FAVE HIM HE'S A GOOD CHARACTER and deserves all of the Love

OH!!!!! MY HEART OH MY GOSH KAILEY YOU MADLAD, awh my gOODNESS, your extended kindness is something nEITHER OF US DESERVE (but him especially) - THANK YOU, IT REALLY DOES WARM MY HEART TO HEAR THESE VERY KIND WORDS ;_;///////