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Posted 9 months, 22 days ago by commanderskeeper

Hello all :3 

My goals this year is to do my artwork so by avoiding art block I was thinking of creating more oc x oc pairs :) 

As I have a bunch of Dungeons and Dragons Characters and Original Characters that are single :D 

I have characters from a bunch of different sexuality as representation is important to me :) 

https://toyhou.se/commanderskeeper/characters/folder:1324467 - Dungeons and Dragons Characters that are single are featured here :) 

https://toyhou.se/commanderskeeper/characters/folder:276729 - Mains , Secondaries and Misc Characters are the ones I'm the most open to ship with :) 


Oh man am i too late? Im always down for ships omg 

Im working on bios but your welcome to ask questions about my babes and choose one 😭❤

Mains are also open for ships 👈👀

No worries you aren't late for this. It's the kind of journal that I don't have a time limit on as I have a bunch of ocs 😅


Are there any ocs of mind that you are particularly interested in creating a pairing with? 

Or I could link a bunch of the ocs I like from yours and work that way around as most of mine need there bios sorting too 😅

Sure you can do that link away 👀❤

Ohh yes im down 👀❤

So which of the ocs of mine you like?
Then we can see which could work with who :D 

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Oooooo may I offer up my dnd babey https://toyhou.se/5850660.sakura

With this handsome fellow? 👀


Sure thing. I'll send over a character link between them 🙂

Eeeeeeeeeeeeeee babeeeeeeees 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖

Hello! :) 

How about Esteem and Anwen, maybe? Or him and Viessa?

I like the idea of Esteem and Anwen together as I feel like his bardic nature might cheer her up on her travels 👍

Yay! :)