Bear with me!

Posted 1 year, 4 months ago by Fawnshy

I have maybe 2% of a clue how this site works so far but I'm gonna try to scrape together some art and info of my ocs in a way that's presentable!! YEAH! LET'S GO


Tbh hmtl codes for ur bab's profiles are always a fun thing to play around w/!!! + if you've got AUs/etc where you just wanna separate diff art into tabs/'folders', n add w/ever info you wanna to those AUs/etc w/o making a whole new chara submission, check out adding tabs! If you've got any questions, lemme kno and I'll b 110% up to helping ya sort shit out!

OOH That does sound really fun! customizing things is such a blast, and I definitely appreciate the option to keep everything nice and organized ;v; thanks so much for the pointers!! I'll be sure to poke you if I have any questions <33

Vom, LowlyWicked and Shinsou are my favorite coders, if you're looking for any HTML set ups to get you started, rather than program one purely from scratch! They've got plenty of free and premium html, if you're interested.

Oh, awesome!!! thank you so much!! I'll definitely give them all a look sometime ;v; I really appreciate the help!! your profile looks so great!