code usage rules

Posted 1 year, 7 months ago by a-brilliant-loser

Codes work for all users...

so if you're a premium or a regular user, they should work for you.

All code are presented as is...

meaning that i am under no obligation to assist you if you mess something up.

i make no claims that i'm a great coder or anything like that. it's messy, there's a lot of things that could have been more efficiently, et cetera.

Credit isn't needed but...

it's still nice?

the credit that is included in most of my codes can be moved or even removed entirely.

just please don't claim credit as your own. and if you do end up making new codes with mine as a base, please let me know.

Frankencoding is allowed with some caveats...

you may not franken code fortitude without permission as it, itself, is an extension on shinsou's code (which is a TH coded version of glentheme's code).

if you decide to mesh my code up with other people's codes, make sure that they are okay with frankencoding as well. if anyone disobey's another coder's rules, that is on the person who broke them, not me.

Do not use WYSIWYG...

this is an obvious rule for anyone who has used a layout on this site.

WYSIWYG mode is not friendly with my codes with the exception of houseki no kuni.

if you use my code with WYSIWYG whatever results are on you.

All codes are mobile friendly...

mostly because i am on my phone like... 93% of the time.

i do suggest installing my codes on a desktop though since most phones have a character limit for copying and pasting and i'm fairly sure most of my codes exceed that.

If you have any questions...

please direct them to my main, _featherweather or post in thread, as i'm only on a-brilliant-loser sparingly.

general coding questions are probably better directed to the questions thread so any coder can assist.

If you like my codes...

please let me know! i would love to view them in use!!

as i said before, credit isn't needed but it is nice.

i currently don't have a tip jar but i guess let me know if you want to show your appreciation in other ways haha


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